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Progressive Lenses and Frames Prove Immensely Helpful

October 23rd, 2011

For those suffering from presbyopia, a pair of eyeglasses made from progressive lenses and frames proves immensely helpful and useful. As age presses ahead, many adults in their advanced age, or even middle age, are harassed by the vision problem. And bifocal or trifocal eyeglasses are not enough to provide sound protection and correction for their deteriorating eyesight. They get bogged down in the dilemma between clear vision and proper vision correction. Now a pair of eyeglasses made from progressive lenses and frames will come to your rescue and eliminate your dilemma once and for all.

Progressive lenses are quite different from bifocal and trifocal lenses in that progressive ones are justified to be called multifocal, thanks to the gradient of lens powers blended in a single lens. With different degrees of magnification from the top to the bottom part of lens, respectively indicative of minimum to maximum magnifying power, the progressive lenses are fully and readily armed to offer all-around vision support. Wearing pogressive eyeglasses, you can easily descry the objects no matter in near, intermediate, or far distance. All remains for you to do is that you should tilt or lean your head to focus your eye to the exact portion of lens which provides corresponding magnifying power in accordance with the distance of the objects. There is another merit that is worth your credit, that is, progressive lenses are free from the defect of image jump which usually plagues wearers of bifocal and trifocal glasses. Put it another way, progressive lenses are characterized by seamless and smooth transition between different lens powers. The gradient of lens powers goes smooth from one degree to another, without resulting in the uncomfortable and uneasy viewing experience. This strength enables wearers to see things in a much smoother and easier fashion.

progressive lenses

On account of the comprehensive lens powers blended into one single lens, the traditional frames are designed or customized in a fairly large size in order to accommodate the area of focus of progressive lenses. This may make the frames very unpleasing to the eye. But as modern technology advances, many progressive lenses manufacturers had come up with a method to overcome this problem by means of inventing the “short corridor” progressive lenses with compact designs. This means it will provide larger reading zones and make it compatible with a lot of stylish and trendy and smaller frames. Undoubtedly it attaches so great a touch of fashion to the progressive lenses.

Having taking into account the abovementioned facts about progressives and lenses, you must have gained a fairly good and clear understanding of them. So next time do not hesitate to lay your hands on them, for they are quite worthy of your money.