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Why Should You Choose Progressive Lenses Over Bifocals And Trifocals

November 28th, 2011

The discussion and debates surrounding the topic of whether progressive lenses should be chosen over their bifocal and trifocal counterparts have been going on since like forever ago. While the two groups of people following them separately have perfect enough arguments and reasonings, it seems that the ones who favor progressive lenses are gradually taking the upper hand. Let’s herewith hear their arguments and decide for ourselves whether they make sense.

First of all, these eloquent fine debaters would say, lenses of progressive glasses provide better visions than bifocals and trifocals do. This is a statement with much truth in, basically in three aspects. First, progressive lenses provide more precise powers. Bifocals and trifocals, as already revealed by their names, only have two or three different powers blended onto the same lenses, which means one can only get clear vision for two or three ranges. For most people this might come as a huge harassment since real life experience tells us that only two or three powers don’t even come near as enough for our daily uses. Progressive lenses, on the other hand, provide a gradual progression of prescription powers, with which almost any vision need could be met. Secondly and probably the most importantly, progressive lenses spare their wearers off the nettling experience of image jump, in which sudden changes of powers across the separating lines could cause distortion to the image and nausea and other reaction to the wearer. Progressive lenses, with the ingenious design of gradual progression of powers, offer wearers a natural smooth view that resemble one that you get with your natural eyes. Precise powers and natural view, it can’t be to much of a mistake to say that progressive lenses are the ones with better vision.

Another argument that keeps coming on the lips of those progressive lenses advocates has to do with aesthetics. As is known to all, bifocal and trifocal lenses have these annoying visible lines that give away the wearers’ age in no time. Most people have scruples with bifocals due to this defect. With progressive lenses, they don’t have to worry. Rid of the nettling lines, progressive lenses immediate create a youthful and energetic vibe to the faces of the wearer.

Progressive Eyeglasses Online: A Business Surging By The Minute

November 25th, 2011

Progressive eyeglasses online, the latest buzzword made popular for its novelty both in the products and in the way they are purchased, are creating quite a stir in the formerly tranquil optical industry. Business insiders are cheering for the booming popularity while customers share the ecstasy. Finally, they claimed, the old glasses biz got its well deserved shot in the arm. For progressive eyeglasses online, however, it seems only the naturalist thing, since such a powerful product combining the unprecedented convenience and good service of E-commerce can only expect the prosperity and success seen at this moment, if not more.

Progressive eyeglass is a product laden with the latest optical technologies. By applying theses techniques that were formerly never imaginable onto the lenses, manufacturers managed to create a smooth and gradual progression of vision powers on the same lens. Such ingenious design answers the need of many who suffer from a combination of myopia and presbyopia and who formerly have to put up with either the unbearable troubles in constantly switching between sets of glasses or the unsightly and age-revealing visible lines found on bifocals and trifocals. With this type of glasses on, wearers can see things at different distances merely by tilting their heads or eyes. The lacking of a separating line also makes them look much more youthful. Besides, progressive eyeglasses are also compatible with quite a number of frame styles, giving wearers a kaleidoscope of choices to choose from.

The rising of E-commerce has revolutionized the way commodities are sold and bought in pretty much every industry, with the optical field being no exception. More and more online stores and retailers are emerging and with the gradual perfection of their services and their intrinsic advantage in convenience, transparency in information, cost and so on, the population that has developed a habit of purchasing online is surging. Under this circumstance, a hot product like progressive eyeglasses’ potential simply can’t be over estimated. Those contributors or dealers who have a certain volume of capital yet don’t know what to invest can therefore have a try, and it surely will turn out to be the most lucrative biz you ever done in your entire lives.

Progressive Lenses Are The Ideal Lenses For Eye Glasses

November 4th, 2011

Eyeglasses and progressive lenses are the perfect match. They fit for each other not only functionally but also aesthetically. For eyeglasses, the type of glasses that have certain prescription powers so as to meet particular vision correction needs, the lenses choice is surprisingly rich. There are the single vision lenses, the most common one around, the bifocals and trifocals and the progressives. Out of the three, the latter two can then be classified as a type, the multi vision lenses. The difference of them from the single vision ones is, of course, the number of prescription powers featured. While single vision lenses are still the predominating force in the optical industry, there do exist a huge demand for multi vision lenses, for the number of people with more than one particular refractive error is growing rapidly. Those people want their eyeglasses with more than one prescription powers so their multi vision correction needs can be cured are certainly in preference of such glasses.

As for the advantages lenses of progressive glasses have over bifocals and trifocals, its pretty simple. Most of those who wear bifocals are over the age of 40 and have developed presbyopia, as a result, the visible lines on the lenses have long been regarded as a telltale sign of the wearers’ age. Progressive lenses, with their uniquely advanced design, solve the problem once and for all. Because the prescription powers on the lenses increase gradually instead of suddenly jump to a new level, there’s no meeting point of two utterly different parts of lenses, hence no visible lines. This is hugely beneficial aesthetically in that the wearers of such glasses will no longer be immediately recognized as the one who’s over 40 in a crowd. With such glasses, they look just as young as those dynamic youngsters.

Having established that progressive lenses are the best lenses out there for eyeglasses wearers, you may wonder where to get them. While every optical store has their stocks of such glasses, online retailing websites are the places where you can get the best bargains. So, once you’ve made up your mind about these progressives, why not swing over to some professional websites to check out some of the most worthy and cost effective glasses on the planet.

What Are Progressive Lenses? Let’s Check it out!

September 26th, 2011

Speaking of progressive lenses, maybe most people are not very familiar with them. Nevertheless, believe it or not, progressive lenses definitely change in power from the top to the bottom, specifically, they can accommodate prescriptions for distance vision as well as close work. You may ask what progressive lenses are? Here you will get something about lenses of progressive eyeglasses in details.

What are progressive lenses
This is a basic question for everybody to get known about progressive lenses. As a matter of fact, sometimes, progressive lenses have another nickname no-line bifocals, and they are actually trifocal lenses without the visible lines.

Progressive Lenses

What’s the history of progressive lenses
Dated back to 1990’s, it was the first time for progressive lenses to be introduced as a new lens product which provides multifocal vision “without the line”. At that time, lens firms realized that elder groups who need reading glasses didn’t prefer others seeing the visible bifocal line for cosmetic purposes, and then the progressive “no-line” lenses were invented.

What’s difference between average reading lenses and progressive lenses
Compared with average reading lenses, there several apparent characteristics of progressive lenses. In fact, progressive lenses are well-known for a gradient of prescription powers, which means the gradient starts at the distance power at the top and reaches to the maximum added power for near vision at the bottom gradually. Due to this special feature of progressive lenses, they enable people, especially elder group over 40 years old, to see clearly at varying distances with only slight tilts of their heads and their eyes. To be specific, not only do progressive lenses make accommodations between varying distance prescriptions effortless and correction of multiple refractive errors possible with just one lens, but also the intermediate in between and the close up at the bottom fits the natural positions required for respective vision tasks perfectly.

After reading the article, you probably understand why progressive lenses are that popular and hot globally. Maybe now, if you ask what progressive lenses are, we will tell you that choosing a pair of progressive eyeglasses must be a perfect choice allowing eyewear to be worn continuously for a range of different tasks. So, why not have a try?

What’s All The Fuss About Progressive Lenses?

August 31st, 2011

You turn on the health channel on your TV, trying to find advice for your next pair of eyeglasses, and every five minutes, there goes a commercial of progressive lenses.You go to your local optical store, wishing to get some help there, but the eyecare practitioner behind the counter just wouldn’t stop talking about how you must get those progressive lenses. Suspiciously, you rush back home, get online and do a search on the latest news and reports about the eyeglasses industry, only to find more than half of the results are of, again, progressive lenses. What’s all the fuss about the lenses of progressive glasses You asked yourself, undecided of whether or not you should follow all the craze about it and dive right into it.

Well, if you were well informed of what’s happening in the eyeglasses industry, you would find that these progressive lenses absolutely deserve all the fuss. Also known as varifocal or multifocal lenses and graduated prescription lenses, progressive lenses are mainly used for correction of presbyopia and other disorders of accommodation. Unlike your average reading lenses, these lenses are characterized by a gradient of prescription powers, which starts at the distance power at the top and gradually reaches to the maximum added power for near vision at the bottom. With this unique design, progressive lenses enable the wearer to see clearly at varying distances with only slight tilts of their heads and their eyes. For instance, the wearer could look through the upper parts of the visual field to see objects far away and glance down to the intermediate power zone to look at their computer screen for their work. And if they want to relax with a book, they only need to see through the most added area at the bottom. Progressive lenses make accommodations between varying distance prescriptions effortless and correction of multiple refractive errors possible with just one lens. Aside from that, the design of having the distance vision area on the top, the intermediate in between and the close up at the bottom fits perfectly the natural positions required for respective vision tasks.

Speaking of correcting multiple refractive errors, there are quite a number of types of lenses that can pull it off, among which most notably bifocals an trifocals. What’s different about progressive lenses is that they do it with comfort and delicacy. Thanks to its gradient of prescription powers, progressive lenses avoid the discontinuities( A.K.K image jump) in visual field created by many of it bifocal and trifocal counterparts. With these lenses, the wearer will be spared from the discomfort caused by sudden changes in prescriptions when their eyes move across the sharply defined boundaries between different segments on lenses of bifocals and trifocals. A more natural and continued vision field is created, for the ease and health of the wear’s eyes.

It’s also because of their gradient changes in prescription powers that progressive lenses don’t have the visible lines that you find on bifocals and trifocals. This feature makes them cosmetically more attractive than bifocals and trifocals, since they resemble those single prescription reading glasses worn by the youth and are therefore thought to appear more youthful than lenses with segments.

So, there you have it. A functionally almost flawless product with additional cosmetic advantages. Now, you probably understand why progressive lenses are getting such attention among the dealers and the consumers all over the world.