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Prescription Computer Glasses: A Wise Choice for White-Collars Stuck With Computer Work

December 8th, 2011

Do you feel your eyes uncomfortable and blurred while working at computer for a certain period of time? If yes, then it is the particular time for you to get a pair of prescription computer glasses. Described beneath is the full information about prescription computer glasses which will shed some light on the mysterious working mechanism and relevant items regarding them?

prescription computer glasses

What are prescription computer glasses
Prescription computer glasses are a kind of specialty glasses that are designed to meet the particular visual needs of computer work. Ordinary glasses only correct the ordinary nearsighted or farsighted problems and can’t relieve the symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS) caused by computer work. Prescription computer glasses have their special lens designs that fit the needs of the clan on the Internet.

What kind of prescription computer glasses matches you most?
The very choices of prescription computer glasses go hand in hand with individual’s eye problem and their type of computer work. If you merely want a pair of prescription computer glasses that can provide appropriate optical correction for the distance between the computer screen and your eyes, then you can choose the monofocal or single-vision one that permits you to view the whole screen with a minimum up-and-down head movement. If the distance required of particular work is shorter than that of computer work, the choices of bifocal or trifocal glasses are also allowable. Furthermore, you can also pick up progressive prescription computer glasses which offer better vision continuity among the lines of segments of different focal power. Every choice is possible as long as you like it

How can you get prescription computer glasses?

Prescription computer glasses are not very cheap, but good things seldom are. For your vision health and comfortable computer work, do not be tempted to buy the cheap but shoddy glasses. It is very advisable for you to pay a visit to your optometrist to have your eyes examined. And very soon you can obtain your own optical prescription computer glasses via online (wisely preferred) or entity stores.