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The Forever Classic Prescription Aviator Sunglasses

May 12th, 2010

Sunglass is not only a tool used to keep eyes from harmful light, but more a necessary accessory for people to express themselves creatively; likewise, prescription sunglass constitutes a creative invention which would bring the wearers clear vision and at the same protection; moreover, prescription aviator sunglass must be the king among sunglasses. They are typical eyewears which would make you fairly cool and give you all the functions you need.

Although born in early 1940s, aviator sunglasses have never been out dated, instead, more and more celebrities are obsessed with aviator sunglasses nowadays. The pretty man Tom Cruise has ever worn a pair of black aviator sunglasses in his movie Top Gun. Just because of the wide popularity, many designer sunglass companies has made their sunglasses into the aviator form, such as Ray Ban Aviator, Fatheadz Aviator and Oakley, etc.. In addition, in order to meet the need of both men and women, aviator sunglasses are made into various kinds according to the features for men and women, for example, the Hart 7613 sunglasses are the classic one for men, while Scheyden Flip-up S sunglasses and Guess GU 6188 Metal Rim Aviator are more inclined designed for women.

Why would aviator prescription sunglasses be well received among men and women? The answer is simple, they are usually of big sizes, which would cover large acreage of the face, giving others a feel of mystery. Plus, when coming across one day when you didn’t have a good sleep the day before, and gone is the light from eyes, wearing a pair of aviator prescription sunglasses, you will look good as well. If you are a women, besides wearing aviator prescription sunglasses, you could blush brush and wear lipstick, then you would look attractive again. However, when choosing aviator sunglasses, you should bear in mind that they are not fact that the bigger is the better. Remember to choose a pair whose lenses can just cover a fraction of your brows.

Have you ever tried wearing prescription aviator sunglasses? If not, go to buy a pair and have a try. You would see another side of yourself. If you do not know where to buy in local optical stores in your country, you would surf on the Internet to check some on-line optical stores where all kinds of eyewears are sold. One thing you should keep in mind when buying eyeglasses on-line is to choose a quality guaranteed stores where you could seldom get badly made eyewears. is a recommended on-line eyeglass shops. Although it emerges just not long ago, however, just because of the eyeglasses attractive in price and quality, it has been one of the most favorable on-line retailers for eyeglasses all over the workd.

Wearing Prescription Aviator Sunglasses Is Now Becoming a Fashion Trend

April 22nd, 2010

It goes without saying that no one on this planet does not want to have good vision and make him or her beautiful and cool to look at .To be frank, the reasons why people use glasses are now transferring from enjoying good vision to highlighting personal tastes and fashion elements. Therefore, the role of glasses is now not for vision correction only, but also for accessories use. This is the mainstream of the industry. Consequently, in the market are some unique sunglasses becoming popular among people of all age groups. Prescription aviator sunglasses, for example, are just some of the most beloved products for consumers.

If judged from their names, prescription aviator sunglasses are used for aviators who have to deal with very complicated vision environment. It is true that the first aviator sunglasses invented by Ray Ban, one of the world’s top glasses manufacturers, are just used for military purposes. And the outcomes have disclosed that many soldiers have benefited greatly by wearing those sunglasses protecting their eyes from being damaged by harmful rays, like strong glares, in the battle field. But now, those sunglasses are not only used by military, but also by ordinary people. Thereby, ordinary people can also wear the top sunglasses as the troops do.

As one of the most important leaders in the industry, Ray Ban is now sparing no efforts to prompt their products- aviator sunglasses and some other related series( of course, other makers also make this series). Though now most of those sunglasses are not used for military purposes, their quality is greatly guaranteed, almost the same as those used by soldiers. In the battle field, prescription aviator sunglasses can completely protect soldiers’ eyes from being injured by any sort or radiations, no matter how powerful, harmful or strong that might be. Therefore, they will be unparallel in combating some ordinary rays and radiations in daily lives, including UV rays, Glares, etc.  And this is, doubtless, one of the reasons why so may people are crazy about them.

Prescription aviator sunglasses are meticulously prescribed. So, some particular eye problems can be cured with them; some eye-pleasing designs and styles can also be highlighted, too. It is true that almost all people love to wear stylish sunglasses, let alone those with eye problems. Fortunately, prescription aviator sunglasses will not only solve those matters, but also ensure great vision clarity and vision security. Of course, while prescribing, people can ask the opticians to add some very individualized elements that can highlight their personal tastes. Thus, others can easily find that those wearers are really very cool and nice to see with those sunglasses; but what they can not see is the protective systems inside.

From the perspective of cost, prescription aviator sunglasses are really much expensive than other ordinary ones. This is mainly because those sunglasses are powerful in protecting eyes and fascinating in designs.

Ultimately, prescription aviator sunglasses are to date some of the most beloved alternatives for almost all people. Why not have a try?