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Polarized Titanium Eyewear

April 5th, 2010

Polarized titanium eyewear, as its name suggest, is composed of titanium frame and polarized lens. Combining the merits of both titanium and polarization, polarized titanium eyewear besides offering a soft and clear incomparable vision makes itself the lightest in weight and the best in durability.

Titanium as an indispensable material in advanced technology is 48% lighter than other metals and are resistant to acid and alkali, anticorrosion and of high stability and intensity. It also has neither radiation nor toxic side effects to human body. Therefore, polarized titanium eyewear, superadded the polarized lens specially engineered to block the blinding rays of glare, is of high flexibility while protects eyes from UV and fierce light; is fadeless while enhances visual color contrast; and is anti-oxidation while cuts off reflective glare from snow, water and pavement.

As mentioned above, polarized titanium eyewear did no harm to human health, instead it brings benefits. Recently, a Japanese research reveals that titanium has a particular current characteristic which is able to produce ions as a result of electron waves, easing tense muscles. Thus wearing a pair of polarized titanium eyewear, one would likely to get mentally relaxed and fatigue removed.

What is that when light and durable styles out there meet unbeatable vision performance? Polarized titanium tells you the truth. It is a perfect. With the ultrahigh and intense frame and extend clarity to a wide peripheral view and protection to the delicate area around the eyes provided by the lens, polarized titanium eyewear will make you enjoy everyday with fun and relaxation.