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Top 4 Types of Men’s Sunglasses

June 2nd, 2011

Thanks to excellent designers, there are more types of men’s sunglasses. Men no longer choose sunglasses only from two types: wayfarers and aviators. Besides, men’ sunglasses not only block sunlight and glare but also help men make a fashion statement and work for athletes.


Ray-Ban launched the wayfarer in 1953. Although it slipped out of style for some time, it’s back to stay. Many famous manufacturers produce wayfarers with different colors and not all are in black. So men can get their favorite with different colors and prints.



Thanks to Ray-Ban, they produced the aviator with tear-dropped shape and mirrored lenses. They were quite popular in the military and law enforcement. Even though aviator sunglass has been around for a long time, it is an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. Besides, Aviator mirrored sunglasses are a good example of classic and elegant sunglasses in the fashion industry.

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Wraparound sunglasses do a better job than other types of sunglasses. They block sunlight and glare from all angles: the frontal and the sides. Therefore, men’s eyes can be well protected by wearing wraparound sunglasses. Besides, they are useful for men to take sports activities. Due to the wraparound style, it won’t fall off their face even when men are taking sports at a very fast speed. Therefore, many men prefer wraparound sunglasses.

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This year, oversized sunglasses sweep the world. Not only women but also men look good with oversized sunglasses. There is no doubt that these oversized sunglasses come a long way since they debuted in the early parts of the twentieth century. This year retro oversized sunglasses are so popular that a lot of fashionable icons are crazy about them including lots of men celebrities. They still dominate the fashion today because of their complete elegance.

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Today, men have many choices to select sunglasses as women do. They will show different images with different styles of sunglasses.

Buy oversized sunglasses for fashion and eye protection

June 11th, 2010

In each summer, one of the most helpful accessories would likely be a pair of oversized sunglasses. Kids, ladies and gentlemen all need proper eye protection against fierce sunlight which contain hazard ultraviolet rays. It has been widely recognized through lots of research that excessive exposure to UV rays, especially in youngsters, will much likely cause cataracts and potentially retinal diseases. Moreover, these conditions will be more serious or severe as people grow old. Till now, sunglasses have still been the most popular and simplest solution to eye protection of this kind. Since this sort of protection is quite necessary for individuals of any age, the sunwear market is very huge, especially in modern times when the overall living standards around the world keep increasing. What’s more, the sunwear world has also progressed significantly in terms of product variety.

Small sunglasses, large sunglasses and oversized sunglasses describe one dimension of this extension. Red sunglasses, yellow sunglasses and orange sunglasses indicate another approach to sunwear diversification. The diverse of sunwear products can also be exemplified by the wide availability of sunglass styles like the Aviator style and cat-eye style. In particular, sunglasses in a super large size are widely selected by people all over the world. The unbelievable popularity of oversized sunwear has two major reasons. The first and foremost reason is that sunglasses with large frames and lenses can hide the face and emotions from the outside world to a maximum degree. Even if much attention has been paid to eyewear look, achieving as much eye protection as possible remains still a critical consideration among sunwear users.

The other major reason for the extreme popularity of oversized sunglasses is associated with the fashion sense created by this style. Large and extremely large sunglasses can be a perfect decoration for people who have a large face. The guideline is that the frame size and the face size should be generally in scale. A large face with bold features can go with oversized sunwear better than a small face with delicate features. Wearing such a pair on the beach or on a golf court is really fashionable.

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Large Sunglasses are Welcomed Again

April 24th, 2010

Fashion trends come and go. Large sunglasses that prevailed in the seventies of last century come back since 2006. People become crazy for them again. Nowadays oversized sunglasses serve not only as protectors providing wider protection from UV and harmful lights but also as hot accessories for fashion. Large sunglasses fever begins to sweep the globe.

Actually, large sunglasses were firstly in fashion during 1950s when they were worn by Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of President Kennedy of the USA. The celebrity effect made oversized sunglasses with great favor. Everyone, especially woman, wanted to wear a pair of large sunglasses similar to what the first lady had worn. Likewise, the oversized sunglasses fever in recent years is brought back by famous stars and celebrities. Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra and Catherine Zeta-Jones are all the fans of large sunglasses, among which large Aviator sunglasses are exclusively welcomed. With the unique modeling and oval polycarbonate lenses, large Aviator sunglasses become ever so popular, especially with the younger vibrant people. Young adults whoever grows up in the 80s or 90s wear large aviator sunglasses to endow themselves with mysterious, move-star looks.

Large sunglasses are welcomed, besides those reasons mentioned above, for other reasons that people find them multipurpose. On one hand, oversized sunglasses, as many other regular sunglasses, are helpful to reduce excess sunlight, UV and glare and used as fashion ornaments, for example, serving as a chic headband. On the other hand, for their big optics, large sunglasses can be also used to cover your red and swollen eyes and sad emotions in case of being seen by others.

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