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Oversized Designer Sunglasses: A Style That Will Never Go Out Of Style

October 17th, 2011

Over the past couple of years, oversized designer sunglasses had made quite a stir in the fashion world. Today, these extremely oversized sunglasses can be seen everywhere from the runways at the latest fashion festival to your everyday work place. With their exaggeratedly large frames that create an air of swagger and confidence much needed in this fiercely competitive world, oversized designer sunglasses are increasingly becoming the piece of accessory that defines the age we are living in. They are sleek and stylish, and most of all they give you that celebrity vibe, that air of importance like no other.

oversized designer sunglasses

If we take a look at where oversized sunglasses came from, however, we will find the unexpected truth that these are actually retro sunglasses. It was during 1970s that this type of shades got popular and the person behind the rise of vintage oversized sunglasses was the then first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. In fact, the first lady’s impact was so huge that people even came up with a nickname for this new fad, “Jack-Os”. Since then, oversized sunglasses have remain the very front line of the constantly evolving fashion scene. After all these years, they not only stood the test of time, but more importantly revive to a new height in the new century.

oversized designer sunglasses

The revival of oversized designer sunglasses in the new century is largely due to the promotion by celebrities. Because of their amazing ability to catch attention, putting one immediately at the center of spotlights and creating a mysterious feel of distance, oversized designer sunglasses became many celebrities’ latest new found love. From music icon Beyonce to the always luscious hotel heiress Paris Hilton, everyone in Hollywood has sported one pair of such shades at one point or another. Once the shades are seen worn by so many celebrities, an inevitable shopping craze is created in the public. Since everyone wanted to have the look they see daily on billboard and TV screens, it is only a matter of time that oversized designer sunglasses became the next big thing and it did.

oversized designer sunglasses

Nowadays, with the trend of boldness and exaggeration going strong in the fashion world, only the sky is the limit when it comes to new intonations and innovations in style. That said, there do exist a couple of styles which we certainly won’t see die in our lifetime. Oversized designer sunglasses are one such style. They may have changed on the detail over time, but the classic large frame, the always flattering effect they have on the wearer’s face will never go out of style, maybe till the end of time.