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Two forms of non prescription eyeglasses

July 28th, 2010

Prescription eyeglasses will hardly cause any misconception that they refer to eyeglasses that can be got only by customers who have a valid prescription given by an eye care practitioner. Interpreting the meaning of the words, non prescription eyeglasses are generally the opposite entity of prescription glasses. Well, it is absolutely right to interpret these glasses as items that can be bought without a prescription. But a further detail is that there are two forms that meet this definition. Regular sunglasses and fashion glasses are sometimes considered as “fake” glasses because they do not use corrective lenses. This is the first form of non prescription eyewear and the other form covers vision-corrective glasses that are acquired illegally without a prescription. Believe it or not, eyewear products of the second form do exist and involve a large market.

As the major definition of non prescription eyeglasses, fashion glasses including mainly non-prescription sunglasses have been widely used in the past several decades. And lots of people wear these glasses for many years without any side effects. Using plain glass or plastic lenses, these Plano eyeglasses have enjoyed a long-term popularity among people who have not got any sight effects. For this group of individuals, a pair of non-prescription eyewear is almost an accessory. Some people may want to know the reasonableness of this prevalence. Well, their common consideration is to pursue a fashionable look, even if there is no vision problem needed to be corrected. Today, contact lenses and laser eye surgeries have been quite technologically mature. But the truth is that the eyewear market still covers a majority of related patients. This prevailing pursuit represents a significant change in eyewear industry that eyewear users will never be called a four-eye, a nerd or a geek.

The second definition of non prescription eyeglasses is actually seldom discussed. But it is necessary to remind certain patients of its existence. Reading glasses are widely needed by people who are over 40 years old. But there are lots of pre-made reading glasses that can be got without a prescription. Many shops sell these glasses on an over-the-counter basis. For the eyes’ sake, these products should be avoided.