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Hidden Troubles Caused by Night Car Mirrors

November 12th, 2009

As for many people, prismatic rear-view mirrors are their first choices for their cars. These mirrors are often employed when people move the cars from one side to another or turn back. Glares from cars behind can be greatly reduced by them. Especially, since xenon is used in the headlights, these glares become much stronger than ever before. Though drivers have used some other devices to reduce glares, there are still serious safety threats.

In dark places, people’s pupils tend to expand greatly receiving more light, so as to make sure that objects can be seen clearly. Based on this, as for people who are driving on highway, some bright headlights behind may cause serious problems to their eyes. If people have stayed in darkness for a long time, they need very long time to recover from that state, for their eye pigments are bleached during that time. Still, the aging process can also cause decline in eye function.

The first plate mirrors did not come into being till the 16th century. People can also get images of 1to1 ratio from these mirrors. When making these mirrors, mercury is plated in the back of the glass. As time goes by, the mirrors are made with other un-harmful reflective coatings.

Nowadays, if people want to produce reducing prismatic rear-view mirror, they will use a prism shaped glasses before the mirror. This has formed a triangle form, which is shaper at the bottom than the top. People can see objects behind very clearly through the glasses in day time. This is a greater innovation than bygone hand held mirrors. When it comes to the close of the day, the mirror will adjust itself automatically, so as to let least glare behind go through it. This can assure that the eyes of drivers can be protected to some extent. Still more, people are suggested to use anti-reflective glasses if they want to prevent their eyes from being injured by glares.

However, there is a demerit in this technology. People may find that there is a visual blind when they drive on crossroad. They are not sure whether there are cars behind them or not. Sometimes, they will make some wrong judgments. For example, they will always encounter many difficulties when parking.

All these matters prove that sometimes rear mirrors can cause great threats for traffic safety. If these mirrors can be appropriately used, they can help drivers a lot. In fact, the emergence of some accidents is related with them.

If some cars stop behind, or they stop too close, the front drivers can not see these cars through their mirrors. These phenomena are very common in daily lives. Sometimes, cars with too much dirty or mud can not be clearly viewed by other drivers. In a word, sometimes there is a blind spot even with nigh mirrors.

The best way for people is to flip the mirrors back automatically on any conditions. Such as, while parking, driving in any conditions, people can use this way. However, people should balance between glare recovery and vision decline. The new mirrors that can adjust themselves with the change of light are very popular now. Especially, rear view camera systems can help people to solve the foregoing problems.

The car windows should be cleaned. Furthermore, if people want to enjoy the clarity and safety of night driving, they should make sure that their eye glasses are upgraded. People are suggested to visit an eye doctor for such a related prescription.