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Reflective mirrored sunglasses

July 28th, 2010

Mirrored sunglasses have a special mirror coating on the outside of the lenses so that they are also named mirror lens sunglasses. With such a mirror coating, the lens just looks like a small mirror. Certainly, mirrored sunglasses are never created for personal grooming.

The more suggestive name of mirror coating is reflective coating. Reflective coatings on mirrored sunglasses can reflect a significant portion of light from passing through the lenses. The estimated percentage is between 10 and 60. For mirror lens sunglasses, the reflective coating is typically applied on the front surface. This design on mirrored sunglasses reduces light absorption by the lenses.

Besides light-blocking, mirror lens sunglasses also have psychological effects. Since mirrored sunglasses can reflect light like a mirror, other people can not see your eyes through the lenses. This is the most significant difference between mirror lens sunglasses and other sunglasses, both tinted and non-tinted. In this way, these sunglasses help people avoid direct eye contact, which is necessary in many situations. This function of mirrored sunglasses is similar with that of dark or black eyeglasses.

Due to their light reflective property, mirrored sunglasses are particularly helpful in brighter conditions. So, if you like fishing on water or skiing on sunny days, you always need a pair of mirror lens sunglasses. Mirror lens sunglasses have gained extreme popularity among US police officers so that they are even called “cop shades”.

Mirror lens sunglasses smudge easier than regular sunglasses that they require more frequent cleaning as well as special cleaning manner. To prevent rubbing off the mirror on the lenses, you should use tissues.