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Metal glasses

June 23rd, 2015

Metal glasses frame, mainly made of metal alloy and stainless steel, is the most frequently used material. Metal is strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant and retains its color for a long period of time. Metal frames had to be gold or silver or rimless and that was about it. But now, metal frames feature some gorgeous earpieces, fantastic colors, and other features that make them a fashion win.

Almost every pair of metal eyeglasses do have nose pads. The nose pad is often a small plastic piece, usually no thicker than the lens of the glasses themselves. Its main purpose is to protect the nose from unwanted pressure from the tight frames of the glasses. If you have a small nose, then a metal frame with built-in nose pads may be a great option for you. It is difficult for you to get plastic frames to stay in place without the benefit of nose pads holding them in place.

Although most plastic frames are designed to be lightweight too, if you are looking for an extremely light-to-wear eyeglasses frame, you may want to try on some of the new metal frames. Even with a full rim, some of these frames are lighter than a plastic frame. The thin rims and the smaller temples, combined with light metal alloy material used to make the frames, create a feather-light feel. If you want something even lighter, then a semi-rimless metal frame would also do the trick!

Looking for a bright and shiny colored frame? You can find a variety of great metal frames in fantastic colors. The new metals are red, blue, purple, pink, and more, and they come in a great assortment of combinations as well. I just tried on a cool pair of blue frames that had a great look. I have also noticed some great looking leopard or cheetah prints that look clear and bold on a metal frame.

Some of the hottest looks in glasses today are the barely-there look. If the bold eyeglasses look isn’t quite your style, than a metal frame may offer the kind of subtlety you desire.

Bendable Metal Eyeglasses: Once Bought, Never Regretted

September 22nd, 2011

Have you ever been bothered by the fragility of your newly-bought pair of eyeglasses? Did you ever have to purchase a new set of glasses just because you accidentally step on your old pair? If your answer to these questions is yes, you probably want to start paying attention to this new type of eyeglasses by the name of bendable metal eyeglasses.

Although there is no denying that eyeglasses have come a long way and made lots of progress in terms of increasing durability, one noticeable testimony of which would be the almost universal switch of glass lenses into resin ones, they remain the most fragile and easily breakable gadgets on the planet. The reason behind that is simple. With conventional plastic or metal frames or frames made of any other material directly available from the nature, it takes not much pressure to break them. Luckily with the development of optical techniques, people began to mix things up, taking strong elements from different materials and combine them together. That’s how bendable metal eyeglasses came about. Made of alloys generalized as memory materials, these glasses have already started a revolution. Why are the magic memory materials so magical? If you take a close look at them, you will find most of these materials are mixtures of titanium, a material with extreme strength and lightness, and other metals. Due to the unique physical natures of these alloys, frames made from them can actually return back into shape even after they are seriously bent or twisted, making these glasses much more durable than others.

endable Metal Eyeglasses

With their magical ability of returning back to shape, bendable metal eyeglasses make the best eyewear for both children and adult alike. Especially for children who generally enjoy a more active and rule-free life than their elderly, bendable eyeglasses are the ideal choice. Parents no longer need to worry about their naughty and curious kids crushing their glasses the first day they got them, and the kids won’t suffer that guilt and fear of being caught doing something wrong. The family on the while will be saved a fortune as well, since with bendable glasses, there won’t be that much need to repair or upgrade glasses. Your one time investment will last much longer than if you choose otherwise, and the comfort and style that comes with the durability will undoubtedly make these glasses worthy of your money.

How to Recolor Metal Frame Glasses

April 17th, 2011

Sometimes people may be bored with the frame color if they wear a same pair of metal glasses too long. So they may want to change their eyeglasses frame colors without changing another new pair of glasses. How to achieve this purpose? Here I have a good suggestion, namely recoloring it with paint.

There are many paints various in colors available in the chemicals shops. You can choose any color that you like with only $5 to $8 per can. After getting the paint, you can begin to recolor your eyeglasses by the following steps.

Before painting, you should disassemble the lenses and nose pad and then tighten the screws up. If it is inconvenient to disassemble the lenses, you can paint the glasses by sticking papers on them so that to prevent the lenses from being painted. After that, rub off the original color with a fine sand paper and abrade all the parts to be painted once.

After finishing the preparation work, you should begin to paint. Tie an iron wire at the folded part between the glasses frame and legs to facilitate the painting. After the first painting is completed, wait for five minutes and then continue the second painting.

Place the glasses at a ventilated place for drying for 4 hours, and then install the lenses and nose pad. Do not apply too much force while tightening the screw so as to avoid breaking the glasses.

Apart from the above method, nail polish is also a nice choice for recoloring metal frame glasses. But you should be more careful to paint the frame uniformly while using nail polish.

Actually, if your eyeglass is not expensive I suggest you buy a new pair instead of recoloring it. Through this way, you cannot only change your eyeglasses frame color but also change its style. Isn’t it nice?

Features of the metal frames eyeglasses

December 11th, 2009

Compared with plastic frame eyeglasses, metal frame ones have a much longer history, that’s to say, metal is the earliest choice of eyeglasses material.

During the early days, metal frames are made from Monel which is a mixture of nickel and copper. It is the most widely used metal material in the manufacture of metal frame eyeglasses and has features of good malleability and corrosion-resistance. However, anyone who is allergic to nickel may not be able to wear this kind of metal frame eyeglasses.

With the development of industrial technology, more metal materials are suitable for metal frames making, such as titanium, stainless steel, and Aluminum and so on.

Titanium is a silver-gray metal which is light, durable, strong, and corrosion-resistant. The most important factor is of its hypoallergenic. In general, Titanium metal frame is made from an alloy which means it usually mixed with some nickel or copper, but not 100 percent titanium. Though titanium metal frames have so plenty of advantages, they are extremely difficult to color. That’s why this type of metal frames remains the natural metallic color. Still, lots of people pursue the natural color as a perfect choice for fashion by choosing titanium metal frames.

Stainless steel is another alternative of titanium which is an alloy of steel and chromium, or other metal elements. The qualities of stainless steel include light weight, low toxicity, easy molding and strength. Most of the stainless steel metal frames are nickel-free thus protecting the skin. Meanwhile, stainless steel is easily available and reasonably priced. It is definitely an excellent choice of metal frames.

Aluminum, as we know before, is very soft and weak. So it always combines small amounts of silicone or iron which makes frame hard and strong. In fact, aluminum is used primarily by high-end eyewear designers because of the unique look it creates.

Metal frame eyeglasses used to be ugly and boring. Nowadays, various kinds of metal types and design styles make the eyewear fashionable and fantastic. Metal frame eyeglasses used to be skin-sensitive for some people. Nowadays, there are better protective coating techniques to prevent the allergen condition.

With all of these happen, people can no doubt enjoy the metal frame eyewear now and future.