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Features of the metal frames eyeglasses

December 11th, 2009

Compared with plastic frame eyeglasses, metal frame ones have a much longer history, that’s to say, metal is the earliest choice of eyeglasses material.

During the early days, metal frames are made from Monel which is a mixture of nickel and copper. It is the most widely used metal material in the manufacture of metal frame eyeglasses and has features of good malleability and corrosion-resistance. However, anyone who is allergic to nickel may not be able to wear this kind of metal frame eyeglasses.

With the development of industrial technology, more metal materials are suitable for metal frames making, such as titanium, stainless steel, and Aluminum and so on.

Titanium is a silver-gray metal which is light, durable, strong, and corrosion-resistant. The most important factor is of its hypoallergenic. In general, Titanium metal frame is made from an alloy which means it usually mixed with some nickel or copper, but not 100 percent titanium. Though titanium metal frames have so plenty of advantages, they are extremely difficult to color. That’s why this type of metal frames remains the natural metallic color. Still, lots of people pursue the natural color as a perfect choice for fashion by choosing titanium metal frames.

Stainless steel is another alternative of titanium which is an alloy of steel and chromium, or other metal elements. The qualities of stainless steel include light weight, low toxicity, easy molding and strength. Most of the stainless steel metal frames are nickel-free thus protecting the skin. Meanwhile, stainless steel is easily available and reasonably priced. It is definitely an excellent choice of metal frames.

Aluminum, as we know before, is very soft and weak. So it always combines small amounts of silicone or iron which makes frame hard and strong. In fact, aluminum is used primarily by high-end eyewear designers because of the unique look it creates.

Metal frame eyeglasses used to be ugly and boring. Nowadays, various kinds of metal types and design styles make the eyewear fashionable and fantastic. Metal frame eyeglasses used to be skin-sensitive for some people. Nowadays, there are better protective coating techniques to prevent the allergen condition.

With all of these happen, people can no doubt enjoy the metal frame eyewear now and future.

How to adjust and avoid the crooked plastic frames?

December 4th, 2009

Plastic frames occupy a large portion of all the eyeglass frames. Plastic frames, especially those bold and thick one, are highly popular among girls and women. Plastic eyeglass frames are also the options for teenagers. As plastic frames are normally thicker than metal eyeglass frames, they are particularly good for fitting those thick-edge strong prescription lenses. Plastic frames are also lightweight and corrosion-free.

Plastic frames, after being worn for some time, may get crooked and warped, causing the optical center of lenses unmatched with that of the eyes. This may trigger eye strain and headache. This is when these plastic frames need to be adjusted.

Adjusting the plastic eyeglass frames is not as easy as metal frames. The best way to adjust the plastic frames is to send the eyeglass frames to your optician who has the professional outfits such as sand or fine glass beads heated container to “sand bathe” and then soften the plastic frames to be bended for adjustments.

If you want to adjust the plastic frames at home, some people suggest use hair drier to heat the eyeglass frames, or use hot but not-boiling water to soak the plastic eyeglass frames for some 10 minutes, and then slightly and slowly bend the softened temples to the positions you intend to and hold till getting cooled. Please note that some material of plastic frames could not be softened using above home heat. In case you will use other heat sources such as oven, you need to be cautious of overheat which may ruin the plastic eyeglass frames, and of getting burned though the plastic eyeglass frames are not so easily ignited.

One case that no heat is needed to adjust the plastic eyeglass frames is to adjust the hinge part, when the two temples are warped with one temple being higher than the other. You can simply grasp the temple and apply strength to bend it either up or down depending on the situation.

A good habit of putting on and removing the plastic frames eyeglasses by holding the two temples using two hands evenly can reduce the warp and crook of the plastic frames.