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Men’s Wood Glasses: Go Eco-friendly with Your Eyewear

August 15th, 2011

With human’s exploitation of the nature causing more and more eco-related issues, the term “eco-friendly” has become the latest buzz word. You hear it in statesmen and politician’s speeches, in interviews of celebrities on red carpets and on commercials of hybrid electric cars. It’s ubiquitous. The fashion world, not surprisingly has been going along with that ride from the very beginning. More specifically in the optical industry, one particular frame type has been the major response to the eco-friendly movement in almost all other social and economical areas. And that’s the wood glasses. Mainly advertised for men, those wood glasses are framed with natural and recyclable wood. They not only give a unique and natural look to your face, but also do many goods to this world we are living in.
Men’s Wood Glasses

Many of you may ask how could cutting down tree to make eyeglasses frames be anywhere close to “eco-friendly”? Well, as a legitimate query as it is, the whole story is more complicated than what’s on the surface. You see, the wood that are used to make eyeglasses frames are mainly from sustainable type of tree resources. And we only use a small amount of wood to produce one pair of glasses. With that small amount of wood lost, we get to spare the utilization of a large amount of plastic or metal alloys that are extremely difficult to be recycled and can thus cause serious pollution. What’s more, because of the better durability of wood glasses, one can just get one pair of these and be good for the rest of his life, saving three or four or even more pairs of glasses made of other materials, which significantly reduces the amount of garbage that’s produced out of glasses. And if these wooden glasses ever get dumped, they are much easier to recycle than their plastic counterparts for sure.

Men’s Wood Glasses

In addition to being good for the planet, these wooden glasses are just a blast to wear. Mostly hand-crafted, they are much more delicate on the details. And besides that, the natural quality of the wood just always give out that simple but not easy vibe. With the motto of the current fashion scene going as “less is more”, these glasses which represent perfectly the simplicity philosophy and lifestyle are sure to lead a trend in the seasons to come.

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