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Join in the Lucky Draw to Win iPod Shuffle MP3 Player from Firmoo

August 30th, 2011

Firmoo is launching a lucky draw right now. You can get the chance to win iPod Shuffle MP3 player as long as you buy glasses including free glasses and other glasses you like from us. The glasses, as is universally acknowledged, can cost us much money, and the rule seems like this: the more outstanding the design, the higher the price! However, we are sparing every effort to break this rule! So we are launching a lucky draw to benefit our customers. Trust us, it is no longer a fairytale to purchase eyeglasses at very low prices or even obtain free eyeglasses, and even an iPod Shuffle MP3 Player may come to you.

Firmoo's lucky draw

There are two ways to join in the lucky draw as follows:

1. If you are one of our customers who places an order on from Monday (8/29) to Sunday (9/4 at 9:00 p.m.), chances are that you may be chosen as one of the 3 lucky participants and be given an iPod Shuffle MP3 player as the prize. An attractive prize, isn’t it?

2. If you are a new friend of firmoo, you’re just as lucky as you could be. All you need to do is nothing but “like” us on facebook to get free glasses with the code generated. Yes, you didn’t hear anything wrong! Free glasses of high quality! Meanwhile, you get the chance to win an iPod Shuffle MP3 player in our lucky draw. In addition, if you want to buy any other types of eyeglasses or sunglasses of firmoo that are not included in the free glasses, you could also use the code which may save you 8 USD off. Actually the price of our glasses or sunglasses is very low compared with that of other online stores, to say nothing of the outlets. So just laugh in your beard since you are so lucky!


Wanting to shop for high-end glasses at low prices or obtain free eyeglasses and get the chance to win iPod Shuffle MP3 player now, just come to firmoo.