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Some models of latest sunglasses

June 27th, 2010

From a traditional perspective, sunglasses are mainly for eye protection against harmful ultraviolet rays and other unwanted elements in sunlight such as blue light. However, the functionality of sunwear has changed a lot after so many decades’ development and evolution. In simplest words, modern sunglasses come in more attractive and fashionable models contributed by innovative designs. It is ok to say that these stylish models are just an answer to modern customers’ increasingly awareness of being charming in public circumstances. We all know that sunglasses are used in outdoor environments. Pursuing latest sunglasses grouped into different categories has long been a common practice among sunwear enthusiasts. Capable enough of ensuring adequate eye protection for customers, modern sunwear manufacturers or brands now pay an increasingly portion of attention to frame design and appearance.

In the current market, a latest sunwear model is the new aviator sunglasses covered by Alexander McQueen Eyewear Collection. Appearing first as a scarf print in the 2003 television show Irene, the brand’s iconic skull now is incorporated on this new product’s temple in a three-dimensional way. In addition, the skull of these latest sunglasses has eye sockets which are filled with crystals. The Aviator design has been around for several decades and now it is reused by Alexander McQueen Eyewear. This latest model further offers four color combinations for customers’ selection. The famous Safilo Group is responsible for producing and distributing these products. In order to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its Glossy collection of designer sunglasses, Dior now releases the limited edition Glossy Gold model. Made of a trademarked shape-retaining resin, this new collection distributes only 500 pairs worldwide.

On February 2010, Juicy Couture released “The Lolita” heart-shaped sunglasses, which were aimed for Valentine’s Day. These fun and flirty sunglass frames have just been a good example of the diverse, changing sunwear market. Furthermore, modern sunwear users are still able to select latest sunglasses which also provide vision correction. Exactly called prescription sunglasses, these sunshades are also designed with plenty of fashionable elements.