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Laser Eye Procedures You Should Know

November 10th, 2009

Have you noticed that you can’t see the face three miles away clearly and cannot do everything when taking off your glasses? Sometimes, when you go for a party, none eyeglasses fit your clothes and it looks ugly on you. Maybe contact lens can deal with these problems, but you have to put them on in the morning and take them off at night. In addition, you can neither do exercise too hard nor have a small sleep duringf rest time. That embarrassing moment must bore you many times. In fact, you can have a laser eye operation to solve all the above troubles.

The laser eye operation helps to correct eye disorders like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Simple to say, the operation can be divided into two steps. First, make a thin flap in the corner to make sure the surgeon can see underneath clearly. Second, get rid of the redundant tissue which is under the corner. This step requires a well-designed laser, and it is how the operation’s name comes from. The consequence is that the cornea is well reshaped, so your sight can be back to normal.

The patients had better to know the procedure of the laser eye operation and the preparations before operations in case you are scared about it. In fact, it’s not complicated at all. When you know the details, you must be relaxed.

The preparation is quite simple. The surgeon will anesthetize the only eye with some drops, and then you will lose your feelings and fall asleep. The effect of drugs is not so strong that you may wake up during the operation, but it doesn’t matter.

Afterwards, you are put on your back on the operating table. Your eyes are kept open all the time with the help of a special device so that your eye lids will not be a barrier for the surgeon to cut away the flap on the cornea accurately.

The following step is the most important. First, a computer reads your eye sight problems. Second, you will be asked to stare at a certain object and the laser or a microkeratone gives off light down the flaps. A few seconds later, your cornea will be reshaped. At this time, you may feel some bad smell. Don’t be nervous. It comes from the burning eye’s tissue.

The operation lasts five minutes more or less. However, only one eye can be operated at a time. If you want to correct the other eye, you must wait for several times or do it the next week.

Even though you may feel comfort after operation, you still need someone to accompany with you to make sure you get home without accident.