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Large Novelty Sunglasses: Fun And Bold Shades Loved in The Big North

September 14th, 2011

What does the phrase “the big north” bring to your mind. Celine Dion, James Cameron or even maybe Justin Beiber? Well, these are all perfect answers, but there is one thing you’ve missed and that is large novelty sunglass. There is a widely believed stereotype that says Canadians ain’t funny. Well, as its turns out, its not the case at all. People from the true north not only are warm-hearted and enthusiastic about sports, they also have a deep-rooted sense of humour. They like to crack a joke between friends and co-workers to spice up their day. Likewise, when it comes to clothing and wearing, they can be just as bold and creative as their neighbours across the border. It is because of their humorous nature and open minds that large novelty sunglasses became extremely popular on the lands of the Strong And Free True North.

large novelty sunglasses
What is this type of sunglasses that’s so much loved by the people in Canada then. Well, basically, these are the shades shaped in unconventional and fun shapes and made in sizes a couple of times larger than the normal ones. Normally, these shades have a certain theme for which the sunglasses are designed, among the most common ones being holidays, birthdays and other promotional occasions. And by making these shades exceptionally large, the comedic and exaggerating vibe is created. Canadian people love to wear a pair of large novelty sunglasses to spice up the party, whether its on a holiday night or just any of their relative’s kids’ birthday party. In the pub or club, you can also see people wearing those exaggerated shades. They are just ubiquitous. Besides parties and celebration occasions, large novelty sunglasses are also used for promotional purposes in Canada. Shades shaped in beer bottles and cars with the manufacturer’s logos are the perfect and most effective ads. They capture attention and make a clear statement like no other.
large novelty sunglasseslarge novelty sunglasses

In Canada, both men and women love large novelty sunglasses. Because of the popularity among the consumers, manufacturers and dealers have made them easily available. One quick way to get your hands on a pair of such sunglasses is go online, do a search and make a purchase there. There are thousands of online stores that stock this type of fun shades. Buying large novelty sunglasses online is not only easy and convenient, more often than not, they are much cheaper, too.