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Lady GaGa’s New Stylish Style Guides the Innovative Idea in Sunglasses

March 9th, 2011

When it comes to Lady GaGa, it is no longer appropriate to say that she is the trendsetter as she has already left fashion and trend behind her. And those so-called fashions are all following her enthusiastically. After the first album has been the best seller, Lady GaGa’s second album The Frame Monster has also become the essence of fashion. Especially the gold hair, white fur coat, weird high-heeled shoes, white nail polish and even the white mouse headwear in her MV Bad Romance all have become the imitation objects of the common people. Of course, the cool Carrera retro sunglasses cannot be ignored by us.

We cannot image how boring and meretricious the world will be without Lady GaGa. She is alternative, out in left field and weird but no one dislikes her. Even the famous celebrities would track every action of GaGa furiously. The American athlete Johnny Weir who got the sixth at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games is also a fan of GaGa. He has once played the song Poker Face that is familiar to all of us by making up him as Lady GaGa.

In the MV of Bad Romance, GaGa’s role is contentious and brave, which strengthens her overall charm. While Carrera that is popular for its trendy novelty sunglasses styles among the young and fashionable people in the world adopts a pair of Champion series retro sunglasses to echo the clean and fresh sight scene, which has highlighted GaGa’s fareless and confident stage image.

Carrera retro sunglasses not only fascinate Lady GaGa, Brad Pitt also appeared at the Cannes festival of 2009 by wearing a pair of Carrera 1987 sunglasses. The screams and cheers brought by this sunglass could not be described by deafening more. Champion retro sunglasses are made from Optyl and are light weighted. That is why GaGa can dance lightheartedly by wearing it.