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Can Eyesight Be Restored Naturally?

November 30th, 2009

To those who are nearsightedness, eyesight naturally improved is impossible. Ways to restore eyesight, in their mind, are either wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, or have eye surgery. However, both of the two ways are not able help improve eyesight, but weaken. Because when you wear glasses or contact, they accomplish all the work to present clear image before your eyes, while the eye muscles become weak day by day, for not frequent use. And although eye surgery seems to greatly help eyesight restoration, it is temporary. More problems will probably emerge later, especially during the process of aging.

Actually, there indeed exists natural ways to correct vision and this is what I want to introduce. That is the Bates Method, which was created by Dr. William in 1880’s after his various experiments on his patients. His experiments show that one of the main causes of eyesight failing is stress and most patients are able to improve their eyesight by doing relaxation exercises regularly. What’s more, Dr. William also figured that eye strain, and diet can be also causes of eyesight problems.

Then, some may ask why does Bates Method work? Actually it is a simple principle. As mentioned above that, eye muscles can hardly be used when eyeglasses or contact lenses are worn, therefore doing eye exercises 5-6 seconds everyday will increase the flexibility of the muscles in and around to help them strengthened. Thus eye strain is reduced to the extent which will not affect eyesight.

That is the reason why many native people living in the Amazon can always see things clear. In some degree, some of them can even see what most people living in societies would need a microscope to see.

Also here, I also want to correct a wrong idea that poor eyesight can be born with. The truth a research has proven that most newborns have normal eyesight; therefore genetics have no ability to bring abnormal eyesight. Thus, it is important to keep an eye on children’s habit in reading, watching TV and something that would affect their eyesight.

Bates Method: A Simple Way to Improve Your Eyesight

November 29th, 2009

Bates method, developed y Dr. William Horatio Bates during the early 20th Century, is a series of simple eye exercises done to improve eyesight. The emergence of Bates method provides people another way to help them restore eyesight without having an eye surgery. It is especially a good way for those who can not afford eyesight correction surgeries, which are rather expensive.

The principle of Bates method improving eyesight problems is on the basis that eye problems are caused by psychological problems. Dr. Bates, an ophthalmologist, states that stress constitutes the main cause of eye problems as that for psychological problems, therefore the best way to solve the problem is to suit the remedy to the case and relaxation exercises are able to relieve stress and pressure from both the mind and body.

However, the point is that many people do not believe Bates method effective and they prefer to have an eye surgery from which they can get an instant result. That is because they never persist in exercising everyday, for Bates method, like taking Chinese herbal medicine, is a step-by-step process. Surgery, which seems to be effective, actually exist hidden troubles. They safety of a surgery is the first and foremost issue worthy reconsidering. Although it is said that eye surgeries are of high safety, the possibility of eye complications is inevitable, which may result in either slight or sever eye problems, or even completely blindness.

Therefore, no matter whether you have ever tried Bates method or not, if you want to save your money and have safer way to improve your eyesight, Bates method should be the best way for you. As a matter of fact, many people have benefited from Bates method, which proves that without surgery, one is able to improve their eyesight.

A healthy way to improve your eyesight

November 18th, 2009

Eye is a very important part of the human body. An attractive eye may give a good impression to the people who you first meet. If you own a beautiful eye but with poor vision, it is a pity to get your eyes covered by the nerd glasses.

You may think a lot of way to improve your vision. Firstly, you come to spectacles and contacts for help. However, spectacle is not convenient and not fashionable, and contact lens is likely to hurt the eyes. Though eye surgery is improving with the time going, it also has some risks. No one would like to put our lovely eyes at risk.

So we must think other ways to improve your eyes. Many people feel passive about maintaining good eyesight, not to mention improve it. In fact, there are some healthy methods to improve our vision. A proper diet and a regular exercise are two effective and natural ways which can help. A proper diet, containing elements good for the eyes, such as carrot, is a cheap and simple method. Please remember that you eat the health food every day. A regular exercise is necessary, too. You can blink your eyes very fast repeatedly. You can look as far as you can to the left, right, up and down several times. You can also cover your eyes with your palm to relieve your eye pressure. Those are all beneficial eye exercise to help your eye muscles to relax.

Everyone prefers to see the world clearly in a natural way, without the help of glasses and contacts, or even surgery. Someone may think it impossible a few years ago. Actually, a proper diet and a regular eye exercise are two effective methods to improve our eyesight, and everyone can do it at home. After some time of practice, you may feel your eyesight is improved and you can say goodbye to your glasses.