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Rimless and semi rimless eyeglasses

January 31st, 2010

Unlike the rimless eyeglasses that totally do not have the frames to hold the lenses, semi rimless eyeglasses have the upper part of the frame, while the bottom part is rimless, so sometimes it is also called half-rimless eyeglasses.

As the strength for holding the whole pair of rimless eyeglasses comes from the lens itself, we need to strongest lenses such as polycarbonate and other high index lenses. But for semi rimless eyeglasses, it is not a problem to resin lenses like CR-39, as the top portion of the frame and the bottom nylon string can hold the lenses tightly through the groove the edge of lenses.

Semi rimless glasses are normally a bit heavier in weight than rimless eyeglasses. Furthermore, as rimless eyeglasses have no any frame in front of eyes, therefore the wearer’s eyes can be seen more than semi rimless glasses. Another biggest advantage of rimless eyeglasses is that you do not need to limit the shape of lenses to the one which is displayed to you in the stores. You can virtually choose any shape you like to fit your face and persona. This is supposed to be the hottest point of selecting rimless eyeglasses. For semi rimless glasses, even the bottom part is also rimless, but mostly you do not have the freedom to choose the shape for the lower part only, as the bottom part needs to match the upper shape which is determined by the frame.

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