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Girls Glasses

July 6th, 2015

Girls glasses always are in bright color and fashionable design. When the girls to choose glasses, they always take more factors into consideration than boys. Although you may think it as an annoyance, getting a pair of cool, stylish glasses could be a fun, accessory that pulls a look together. Plus, you’ll have improved eyesight! Whether you’re selecting your first or fifth set of specs, use these tips to make sure you get the right frames for you.

When you go to buy new glasses, wear your hair the way you usually do with a favorite shirt in a neutral color. This will help you focus on your face and how the glasses look on you for an everyday look.

Ask for a second opinion. Your parents can provide their expertise, but you may also want to recruit a friend. And don’t forget to ask the sales person for their expertise. After all, this is their job and they will be familiar with all the options in the store that can work for you.

Select a frame that complements your face shape and your features. If you’ve got an angular face, choose ovals or almonds that will soften your look. If your face is more round, try rectangular frames with crisp, straight lines. Generally the frames should not be wider than the widest part of your face.

Match the top of the frames to your eyebrow; they should follow the same basic arc. If the frames sit below your brow, you might look permanently surprised; above your brow and you’ll give the impression you’re angry or frowning.

Make sure the size and position of the frame’s bridge the little piece that sits on your nose and holds the glasses together helps balance your features.

Make sure it’s a good fit. Your eyes should look out of the center of each lens. The frames should not pinch your nose or leave red marks, and they shouldn’t be so loose that they slide down your nose.

How about color? As far as color is concerned, consider your skin tone. Pick a color that is complementary. Need help figuring out your skin tone? If the veins you notice in your wrists and feet seem greenish, you have warm skin, while mostly blue veins mean you have cool skin! Browns look great with warm skin, as do metals and flashy colors like turquoise. Cool tones do better with grays, silver and muted colors.

Taking the time to try out several pairs to find the best fit for you will be worth your while. This pair has to go with everything you wear for at least a few years! You can even go online to some websites that will let you upload a photo of yourself to virtually “try on” frames to see what looks the best on you! If you follow these tips, and your best judgment, many compliments on your new frames are just around the corner.

Get fashionable and fit girls glasses

June 10th, 2010

According to gender difference, eyeglasses and sunglasses can be grouped into girls and boys types. Many people know that it is necessary to evaluate some important factors while selecting a pair of eyeglasses, either for vision correction or UV protection. There are delicate or bold eyeglasses, retro or modern eyeglasses and conservative or radical glasses. It is also necessary for female and male customers to consider a regular style or a trendy style. And the usage frequency of the eyewear should be taken into consideration. Other factors deserving careful assessment include frame and lens color, brand name, frame shape and material. In particular, girls glasses have certain requirements on these aspects. In general, eyeglasses and sunglasses for ladies come more frequently in fashionable styles and charming statement, while men’s eyewear is mostly regular and formal.

When it comes to eyewear function, those sunglasses in fashionable styles are more commonly favored by girls. It is easy to discover that there are fewer men wearing sunglasses than ladies. The reason is partially that modern sunwear products serve greatly as stylish accessories. Even if men and women can both tolerate an ignorance of UV protection, ladies need more urgently than gentlemen a fashionable appearance. From the discussion of women’s sunglasses, it is easier to understand that nearly all girls glasses are designed with an intention to attract more girls. Prescription eyeglasses and regular sunglasses are now widely used by girls as additional fashion enjoyment. And lots of ladies usually keep several pairs of eyewear at the same time. This practice is quite similar to that of buying more than one pair of shoes.

Girls glasses really focus more on style and appearance. This has been proven by surveys. But eyewear professionals suggest that fashion-conscious ladies should also pay their attention to other aspects, like comfort, fit and durability. Any pair of even the most attractive eyewear should firstly be fit and comfortable. Likewise, a charming pair of shoes that does not fit will much probably turn into a disaster. Eyeglasses will be worn on face and every one should make sure to get a fit pair.