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Freshlook Colors to Color Eyes and Freshlook Radiance to Sparkle

August 10th, 2010

Whenever you see blue eyes in films, you may always think: Wow, beautiful eyes, if only I had such attractive eyes. Good news comes for those beauty conscious people with black eyes from Freshlook Colors. Freshlook Colors Contacts provide a realistic color changes. Whichever color you choose, you’ll notice immediately that they look as good as they feel. Four colors are popular: Blue, Green, Hazel and Violet.

Blue Freshlook Colors are highly recommendable for make-up of shear tawny eye shadow, barely bronze lipstick and soft eyeliner and black mascara.

Green Freshlook Colors are appropriate to use with rich, earthy brown shadows, chocolate brown eyeliner and soft sienna or misty rose for lips.

Hazel Freshlook Colors are suitable for those who already have hazel eyes and want to enhance their existing eye color. They will make your drab hazel eyes brighter and make you stand out.

Violet Freshlook Colors are great for night clubbing, raves and music festivals. They will enchant you in the crowd.

For those who think their eyes are not bright enough and want to brighten them, Freshlook Radiance is the best choice. Freshlook Radiance illuminates and brightens natural eye color in four different effects. Freshlook Radiance “Moonlight” adds a silver shimmer; Freshlook Radiance “Eden” provides a glimmer of green; Freshlook Radiance “Autumn” gives eyes a bronzy shine, and finally, Freshlook Radiance “Sunrise” adds a sparkle of gold. As long as you match Freshlook Radiance with right skin tone and hair color, you will be outstanding among the bleak colors eyes.

All in all, Freshlook Colors will satisfy your requirements for color eyes, and Freshlook Radiance to lighten your dark eyes.