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The importance of frames for eyeglasses

August 1st, 2010

It is feasible to divide a typical pair of eyeglasses into a frame and two lenses. The functionalities of prescription and Plano eyeglasses or sunglasses all rely on the optical lenses that are fitted into the frame. In fact, the eye-related optical features are contributed by eyeglass lenses made from different materials like traditional and modern plastics as well as glass. While optical lenses determine optical benefits, frames for eyeglasses are related with many more aspects and more decisive to eyewear appearance. The importance of eyeglasses lenses should never be overlooked because they are the essential part that offers vision correction or eye protection against harmful rays or dangerous particles. This was especially true decades ago when most people focused on eyewear functionality. But it is also necessary to realize the increasing importance of eyeglass frames.

To some extent, optical lenses are not focus because modern lens technologies can get patients’ visual needs met without much effort. With this improvement, modern eyeglass users benefit a lot that they are able to pay more attention to personal appearance with the glasses. In this mainstream trend, frames for eyeglasses are gaining more and more attraction. First of all, frame color, frame size, frame shape and style determine the overall effect of the eyewear that stay on a wearer’s face. Selecting a right frame by considering all these factors respectively is very important. For instance, the frame shape should contrast with the facial shape. The frame color should repeat the wearer’s personal coloring. And frame size and face size should mainly be in scale. Rimless and semi-rimless frame styles are more popular among young people.

The importance of frames for eyeglasses does not lie only in eyewear appearance, but also in eyewear quality. The material used in an eyeglass frame determines mainly eyewear quality. For example, plastic frames are more flexible but they are fragile. Regular metals are strong but have too much weight. In recent decades, those quality materials used in eyeglass frames have superior properties like durability, flexibility and lightness. Right options include stainless steel, titanium and memory metal.