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President’s Day Sale is Here!

February 17th, 2014

President’s Day Sale is Here!


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You Will Have So Much Fun with Fashion Sunglasses

June 8th, 2012

If you are a hunter of fashion articles, you may not deny that among all the indispensable fashion items fashion sunglasses are ones that you can not miss out. Wearing sunglasses is not any longer merely for eye protection but instead is treated as a necessary style for people in pursuit of fashion and fashion. With a pair of fashion sunglasses, you are likely to become the focus in the crowd; with a pair of fashion sunglasses, you are in the high position of leading a decent and tasted life. Since fashion sunglasses are so popular and prevailing in the everyday life, why not have a try of them and add your life with more fashion elements? If so, you will probably find the reason why fashion sunglasses are so attracting and appealing.

Fashion sunglasses are darling of both men and women and each woman and man can easily find their favorite ones from the numerous and various fashion sunglasses. Speaking of women’s fashion sunglasses, a wide range of currently popular ones will leap to our minds. Season by season, a multitude of fashion sunglasses for women are emerging in the sunglasses market. Some well-known fashion sunglasses for women include over-sized round or square ones, red or white ones, eye-cat or clip-on ones and so on and so forth. Women with different body shapes and face shapes will find different fashion sunglasses suitable to them. However, some lastingly fashion styles almost fit all such as over-sized black ones and the aviator ones.

As to men’s fashion sunglasses, we think first of the aviator sunglasses, black sunglasses, wayfarer sunglasses and round sunglasses. It is well acknowledged that men are ordinarily in search for somewhat unusual and distinctive fashion sunglasses so as to bear a larruping and attractive image. There is not a single man who does not stand in longing for a handsome and cool appearance and it is exactly because of this reason that men’s fashion sunglasses sell so well in the market. Men’s fashion sunglasses are flooding here and there near us and this in turn stimulates the consumption of them. As long as you wish, fashion sunglasses are ever and forever the best fashionable accessories for you. Cheap glasses inevitably. So, take action and arm yourself with a pair of fashion sunglasses in this hot and burning summer.

Fashion Sunglasses For Men and Women in the Season of 2011

August 11th, 2011

It is a fact universally acknowledged that sunglasses are worn for more than just eye protection these days. They also serve as fashion accessories. And often times, their fashion value even rides over the functionality to become the top priority factor considered by most consumers when they are purchasing sunglasses. Either in the case of fashion sunglasses for men or women, there has been numerous exciting new trends and styles propping out season after season. And choosing the right pair could sometimes be a real headache, especially when one doesn’t have that whole lot of time to get familiar with every style and brand that’s out there. Here, we list some of the hottest and most buzzed about fashion sunglasses for women and men in 2011 so as to nudge you in the right direction in your sunglasses shopping confusion.

aviator sunglasses

In 2011, some of the classic and retro vintage looks have remained popular. Among others, aviators have proved a favorite among both the male and female populations. Although the classic and typical teardrop shape and thin wire frames have prevailed, there do exist quite a few new renovations that keep the classic style in vogue. Latest technologies in lenses like anti-reflective coating, upgrade these aviator sunglasses‘ functional capacity while little arrangements with the double bars or arms make them more sophisticated and intricate. The juxtaposition of macho and intricate revives the classic style, making them still popular in this season and surely a couple of more seasons to come.


Another style that’s enjoying an embrace among consumers is shield sunglass. These shades feature a single and complete lens without being separated by a bridge. Traditionally these shades were thought to represent that sporty look popular in late 20th century. Although sporty looks still have dedicated followers today, they are not particularly standing out this year. But what’s interesting about shield sunglasses is that with colored tints and metallic arms, they have been made much classier and they do have that futurist and party vibe to them. The futurist theme made popular by hip-pop turned electronic dance group Black Eyed Peas’ 2009 album The E.N.D and party girl theme made prevalent by newly emerged teen idols including Kesha and Katy Perry are sweeping the world like storms and have the fashion tides going alongside. Under this condition, we certainly can’t be mistaken if we say that those are only going to get more popular in the days to come.

It’s Your Show Time to Become a Fashionable Model in Firmoo’s Fashion Show

June 30th, 2011

Have you ever had desire to join a fashion show. Now a good chance awaiting you enables you to join a fashion show, where you may become the hottest protagonist. Firmoo is holding a fabulous fashion show-June 27, 2011~July 11, 2011, where lots of our customers and fans show photos or videos of themselves while wearing eyewear that they bought from us.

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After participating in the fashion show, you not only fulfill your desire to become a model, but also can benefit more. As for the winners, they can get the following awards:

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How fashionable you are? Just show us. It’s your show time

Special Sunglasses for Being Fashionable

May 8th, 2011

There is no denying that we often see celebrities wear various kinds of sunglasses when they go out. We are impressed by their sunglasses with different styles that make them fashionable and stylish. In fact, a wide range of sunglasses are advisable in the market. As the summer is coming, you can become glamorous and attractive with the help of some special sunglasses. In addition to some common sunglasses, here are some interesting and special sunglasses to help you stand out as follows:

Lady Gaga Mickey Mouse Flip Sunglasses

Lady Gaga worn stylish flip up sunglasses in her Paparazzi music video. The original models are Linda Farrow Jeremy Scott Mickey Mouse sunglasses. A lot of fans and those who wish the best pair of sunglasses for their Lady Gaga fancy dress costume are eager to get Lady Gaga Mickey Mouse Flip Sunglasses. You can have a try to follow the fashionable icon: Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga Mickey Mouse Flip Sunglasses

Jeremy Scott and Linda Farrow Sunglasses spring/summer 2011
Jeremy Scott is famous for his innovative designs all over the world. He launched his successful eyewear campaign with Linda Farrow on a few new styles for Spring/Summer 2011. The new eyewear is very special including Wings, Cross, and Hands. You will look stylish and special while wearing these sunglasses.

Jeremy Scott

Linda Farrow Sunglasses

Shutter Shades

A Lot of fashionable celebrities are interested in shutter shades. For example, Lady Gaga did wear cigarette shutter shades in the music video to “Telephone”. Instead of having lenses, the design is characterized by its “shutter” motif, which is part of the frame. What’s more, they are suitable for both men and women. They will definitely help you attract much attention while wearing them.

Shutter Shades

Generally speaking, sunglasses have become a must-have fashionable item especially in the hot summer. As summer is our show time, why don’t you wear some fabulous sunglasses to show your fashion tastes.

Fashion Sunglasses Come Into Being

October 22nd, 2010

People are familiar with sunglasses for many years, and realize that sunglasses can block off UV radiation and HEV radiation. They would like to have a pair of sunglasses not only for eyes protection, but also for fashionable decoration. Nowadays, there are several kinds of sunglasses, such as prescription sunglasses, non-prescription sunglasses.

When sunglasses have become a popular accessory just like hats, gloves, ties and so on. Have you ever thought of how the sunglasses come into being, especially the modern fashionable sunglasses?

The first occurrence of sunglasses traced back to the 12th century in China, which were just a crude slab of smoked quartz. Later, this simple design developed into a slab with a roughly shaped frame to hold the quartz. Used by the rich, these primary sunglasses could not only block out sunlight, but also hide emotions during conversation. Later in the 18th century, sunglasses with vision correction were conceived by James Ayscough. And sunglasses with blue or green tint were believed to correct certain vision problems, rather than solely shield the eyes from bright sunlight.

Actually, sunglasses became popular only until the 1920s, which was contributed by the prevalence of the film industry. At this time, many Hollywood stars and starlets used sunglasses to block out stage light and the blinding flashbulbs of cameras. Promoted by the film industry, mass production of sunglasses occurred. During the 1950s and 1960s, sunglasses were accepted widely by the public. Until now, sunglasses have a substantial change.

For one thing, modern sunglasses can protect your eyes from UV radiation. For another, it has the function of vision correction. Apart from the two, modern sunglasses are fashionable. They are made of more advanced material and they are designed in different styles, shapes and colors. Many fashion brand names also concentrate on designing sunglasses, which provide more selections. Fashion sunglasses will also play an important part in the fashion world. Both celebrities and common people like to wear them to show up their personalities. With time flying, fashion sunglasses will have a change constantly.

Colored fashion sunglasses

June 16th, 2010

There has been a dramatic change in the sunwear industry. The best testimony to this is that fashion sunglasses account for the majority of sunwear products in the modern market. All of us know that sunglasses were originally developed for eye protection against damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays contained in sunlight. Some scientific research have pointed out that excessive exposure to UV rays is closely linked with an eye disease called cataract. This condition usually causes a difficulty in seeing things clearly or we can say that it leads to vision blurriness. Eyewear that made of UV blocking lenses is called sunglasses which can help filter out unwanted, harmful UV rays and high-energy blue light. It is definitely true that sunglasses were initially aimed to help human beings fight against these harmful rays. Nevertheless, a modern pair of sunglasses means more than functional help.

A phenomenon in the current sunwear market is that nearly all buyers try to pursue fashion sunglasses, which usually come with the most stylish elements. In other words, it is a common thought that sunglasses should also be fashionable, in addition to helpful. And fashion statement of sunwear has two dimensions. One is to take use of unique and unusual frame styles. Large Aviator sunglasses are a perfect example. And there were popular cat eye sunglasses during the first decades of 20th century in the United States. But in fact, stylish sunglasses made of attractive styles actually are quite limited in diversity. It is hard to create lots of unique sunwear styles.

A wider dimension involves utilizing all possible colors to decorate both sunwear frames and lenses. Fashion sunglasses currently available come mainly in this group. Supposed to block out harmful rays, sunglass lenses should be colored. While dark is the widely used color traditionally, now it is technologically feasible to take use of any regular colors, such as green, blue, purple, gray, orange and red. Tinted or photochromic lenses in these colors will help fashion-conscious people gain an attractive look on face. Moreover, unusual colors have also been applied to sunwear frames and lenses, like burgundy, camouflage, chocolate and peachy.

The most recent Fashion Sunglasses

April 24th, 2010

Not until 1970s did sunglasses come to a change which gave special emphasis to the design besides functional features. The slogan “the glasses for the dress” marks the start for the era of fashion sunglasses. Currently, fashion sunglass has been an ornament that make the gentle gentler, the cute cuter, and the cool cooler. And then what are the most recent fashion sunglasses , let’s take a look.

Emilio Pucci fashion sunglass, the latest craze all over the world launches a batch of new products, distinguishing itself by the audacious applications of amounts of bright colors, from intense violet to blackish green, which bring refreshment to the dog days of summer. Additionally, legs with geometric patterns endow Emilio Pucci fashion sunglasses with third dimension.

Frogskin fashion sunglass brought out by Oakley, which is only permitted sold in Paul Smith franchised stores with a limited sales volume of 500 pairs, must be one of the hot items worthy of being collected in 2010. As the name implies, frogskin fashion sunglasses are featured with frogskin-like frames but colored differently. What’s more, Oakley frogskin fashion sunglasses made out of rubber materials made themselves the favor of celebrities and trend-spotters.

LV( Louis Vuitton) this year launches a pair of unique fashion sunglass to welcome the spring when flowers blossom. The hollowed-out design plus brilliant violet lenses make this LV fashion sunglasses a really creative work, not to mention to little flower-like logo bringing another charm of gentleness.

2010 Fashion sunglasses will bring you another different spring and summer, putting you under the spotlight.