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Enjoy a Different Summer with Fancy Sunglasses

March 30th, 2011

Nowadays, the styles of sunglasses have been constantly innovated. Aside from the purposes of blocking UV rays, there are more and more diversities in the designs and functions of numerous designer sunglasses, such as the increase of the lens transparency, the improvement of the UV protection function, the bright and lustrous designs, etc. Summer is coming, and all fashion brands have already launched some new sunglasses to meet the demands of all fashion followers. The new arrivals remain focusing on retro styles, but they adopt a large number of brilliant colors such as red, yellow, blue, green and so on to respond to the blazing atmosphere of the hot summer. For this reason, such sunglasses are also called fancy eyeglasses.

Marc by Marc Jacobs and AX Armani have always been pursuing fashion and innovation. For Marc by Marc Jacobs, it makes up the cloud-like patterns with bright colors and its design is filled of thick fashion elements; in addition, the butterfly-shaped frame makes the appearance more beautiful. As for the AX Armani sunglasses, they are designed to be with big frames having the retro taste of the 1980s. Moreover, they are matched with photochromic lenses, thus are easy to wear.

Diro and Bottega Veneta who have always been emphasizing nobleness turn to focus on leisure instead of retro this summer. The designers add some simple lines to decorate the eyeglasses arms at the same instant without the ornament of dazzling diamond and crystal, which reflects the elegance and mode unconsciously.

Such fancy eyeglasses are suitable to wear at birthday parties or masquerades. Just imagine how do others think of you if you wear a pair of fancy eyeglasses at a masquerade? I bet men will love you and women will envy you because the fancy sunglasses are so attractive. This is, of course, a little exaggerating, but such glasses will really make you attractive and distinctive from others. Don’t believe? Just have a try!