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It’s Your Show Time to Become a Fashionable Model in Firmoo’s Fashion Show

June 30th, 2011

Have you ever had desire to join a fashion show. Now a good chance awaiting you enables you to join a fashion show, where you may become the hottest protagonist. Firmoo is holding a fabulous fashion show-June 27, 2011~July 11, 2011, where lots of our customers and fans show photos or videos of themselves while wearing eyewear that they bought from us.

Only 3 simple steps will enable you to become one model of this show. First, upload your photo or video while wearing eyewear that you bought from us and then post it on our facebook wall. Second, attach the item number and link of the eyewear. Third, you’d better write some description for you photos or videos to let more people know you and get more “likes”.

After participating in the fashion show, you not only fulfill your desire to become a model, but also can benefit more. As for the winners, they can get the following awards:

NO.1: 50 US Dollars

NO.2: 30 US Dollars

NO.3: 20 US Dollars

As for other participants, they can enjoy 40% off all lenses including 1.74 lenses priced at $110, bifocal lenses, progressive lenses, etc. If any one of the winners gets 250 “likes” or more, he/she will get additional 50 US dollars.

Besides, it may be more effective to upload your videos instead of photos. In your video, you can show yourself interestingly getting much attention to get more likes. Meanwhile, you can get an extra award ($10 cash) as long as you upload a video in this wonderful show.

We will pay your awards to your accounts at our website and then you can withdraw or use them to redeem coupons to buy eyewear from us.

How fashionable you are? Just show us. It’s your show time

Brief history of eyewear

January 10th, 2010

When we think about all the inventions in history, we can never ignore the invention of eyewear. Without eyewear, our life will be much worse off.

The history of eyewear can be traced back to 2000 years ago when ancient Chinese were believed to have invented the first protective eyewear for shielding the eyes from some evil forces. Around 1000AD, the Italians developed the first eyewear called reading stone for the purpose of corrective aid. After reading stone, in late 13th century, it was also Italians who invented the first eyewear with sidebars.

As the main part of the eyewear, lenses went through a very long period of time to reach today’s shape. The early lenses were quartz. Inventors spent hundreds of years to make the lenses of visual aid out of glass after they solved the headaches of bubbles and other obstacles. Modern lenses are made of resin which is cheap and shatter-free.

Another part worth mentioning is the history of temples’ invention. In 17th century, Italians and Spanish tried to use ribbon over the ears to fix the eyewear on the nose. Adding to this idea, Chinese used stone weight to hold the eyewear in front of eyes. Finally in 1730, an British eyewear technician got the idea of today’s temples and successfully solved the problems of eyewear mounting.

Before 20th century, a lot of Europeans thought wearing eyewear is a thing of ugliness. With the advance of eyewear design and technology, nowadays people already think eyewear as a piece of face ornament boosting people’s attractiveness.