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Women and eyeware

January 19th, 2010

In early 20th century, women did not use eyeware in public because at that time people in the world, especially people in Europe, thought wearing eyeware is a matter of stigma. Later on as the eyeware design and materials developed, the aesthetic emphasis of eyeware was stressed, eyeware became a sign of beauty on the face. More and more women started to wear eyeware in work and in public.

Study shows that women pay more attentions to how eyeware looks and fits on their face, while most of the men look at the comfort of eyeware. It is usually not easy for women to tell the difference between good and bad quality eyeware. For this please always ask an optician in your vicinity as opticians know the specific model of eyeware being reviewed and commented by other wearers.

Women are persistent in buying more than one pair of shoes and bags. But most of the women are still pretty conservative to buy more than one eyeware for different occasions. The recently emerging online eyeware retailers offer very appealing deals on handful of trendy eyeware at affordable prices without your bank account. As for women, eyeware is more a piece of fashion outfit than a medical instrument.