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Eyeglasses with sunshade

June 22nd, 2015

Eyeglasses with sunshade offer great flexibility for people what want to use their regular eyeglasses as sunglasses. Sunshade are tinted sunglasses frames without temples featuring cushioned tabs that are designed to attach to the front of your eyeglasses and clip on to the front of your eyeglasses frames. Some sunshade with sun clips actually utilize magnets to hold the frames to eyeglasses rather than traditional clips. Both types of sun clips are easy to use; they simply clip onto the sides of regular eyeglasses and can be lifted off and stored when no longer needed. Sun clips are a great option for people who wear prescription lenses and are looking for a way to protect their eyes from the sun. Clip-on sunglasses offer great flexibility for those who do not want to invest in two separate pairs of prescription glasses. Not only are clip-on sunglasses more affordable than prescription sunglasses, they can even be polarized for enhanced comfort.

Here are a few of the benefits of eyeglasses with sunshade. They are affordable alternative to prescription sunglasses and clip on and off easily, usually with one hand. Moreover, the sunshade come in a variety of tints, which will protect your eyes against harmful UV rays. Sun clips are valued for their convenience and affordability, but there are some sacrifices that come with choosing clip on sunglasses over prescription sunglasses. Many people consider sun clips an outdated style. Since the size of the clips has to match up with the shape of the regular eyeglasses they are being clipped on, there is little flexibility when it comes to choosing styles and shapes. It is also important to keep in mind that sun clips add more weight to the nose and face. People who are used to lightweight eyewear may have a hard time adjusting to the weight of sun clip lenses.

Once you would love to choose eyeglasses with sunshade, firstly, you need to know how to measure the clip on frames. After knowing the size, you can purchase at optical store. So how to measure for clip on frames? The first step in choosing the correct sun clips frames is to compare the style of sunshade frames to the frames of the prescription sunglasses. Choose the nearest in style so that the sunshade frames will cover the entire prescription sunglasses frame. Measure the width of the glasses. Ensure that the glasses are measured in the middle. If the sunshade are not available in the same size as the prescription glasses, it is important to make sure they are slightly larger. This ensures that the eyes are completely protected from the sun. Not all sunshades are measured in inches; some are simply classed as small, medium and large.