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Different ways to classify eyeglasses styles

August 10th, 2010

In the eyeglass industry, the responsibility of precise eye examination and lens fitting lies in opticians, while individual eyeglass users are allowed to select favorable eyeglasses styles that match their personalities. It is true that prescription eyeglasses were originally solely for eyesight correction and at that time very little attention was paid to their styles. Getting proper vision aid was the single purpose in the mind. Like the situation in other industries, eyewear users never stop pursuing style enjoyment when precise lens fitting has become a tiny task. Opticians can easily get patients’ specific visual needs met with advanced lens and frame technologies. Experts in this industry are still working hard to gain more significant achievements. At the same time, there are also designers creating attractive and innovative eyewear styles. Most of the colorful and diverse eyeglass items available now are contributed by great designers. And there are different ways to classify these styles.

Frame structure is usually the most noticeable part of a pair of eyeglasses. Taking this way, it is possible to group eyewear products into full-frame, semi-rimless and rimless types. These three eyeglasses styles are provided by even all eyewear manufacturers. While the first style has a full frame encircling the lenses, the latter two styles have lenses that are only partially encircled or not encircled at all. These three styles have long been standard eyeglass frame designs, each of which has both advantages and disadvantages.

Another way to classify eyeglasses models relies on frame shape, which is also a determinative factor to eyewear appearance. Round, oval, rectangle and square are the most popular eyeglasses styles from the perspective of frame shape. The first point to know is that it is important to achieve a contrast between the frame shape and the user’s face shape. In detail, personal facial features like sharp angles should be compromised by a frame with an appropriate shape. In recent years, frame color is also widely taken into account by eyewear designers. And some users believe that eyeglasses in different colors form corresponding styles.