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Eyeglasses Frames For Men Can Be Bold And Spicy As Well

December 5th, 2011

The history of eyeglasses frames for men has been one of constant changing and evolving. What’s hot or “in” in one particular time period might turn out completely not Okay to wear in some other. The so called fashion value may sound vague, but it is evidently present in every piece of item we use in our daily lives, running down from the most obvious, our clothes, shoes and bags, right down to the accessories, by which we could refer to not other but glasses. It is true. A different pair of frames on a face has the power to immediately change that face into another. Not literally another face of course, but another vibe, vigor or even personality. The importance of a fitting pair of frames can not be over stated when it comes to dressing appropriately for the occasion and the man.

At the very mention of eyeglasses frames for men, most people would immediately think of those same old regular ones, i.e. aviators, rectangular and round John Lennon glasses. While all those styles are perfectly all right and cool, they lack what’s most important in an age of post-modernism, individual expressing, boldness and audacity. Traditionally, men are thought to be supposed to be this symbol of masculinity and virility, so any too complicated or minute designs would no doubt be vetoed as not compatible, not to mention those that are bold and spicy. Lately, however, the trend has been changed completely. The fashion for men’s eyeglasses frames is witnessing a major turn from the simple and conservative to the extreme and bold. Larger and larger frames with daring shapes and jaw dropping details are being worn by more and more gentlemen than ever before, creating a whole new glasses wearing phenomenon as well as revolutionizing the industry and people’s opinion on men’s eyeglasses frames all together.

Nowadays, it is not a sin any more for a man to spend time and money on his looks. More choices in eyeglasses frames for men are definitely in the favor of those who are sick and tired of the old workplace of men and are craving to try new looks. As more and more people are beginning to enjoy the fun of such frames, we can’t only predict such frames’ fate as here to stay long and strong.

Best Eyeglasses Frames Are What Suit for You Most

October 20th, 2011

In terms of best eyeglasses frames, I mean that such frames can match your face shape and complexion and hairdo to the utmost. It is so much that some frames are superior to others, but that you look better and more glamorous on some than others. As a veteran eyeglasses researcher, I am in a position and do have every reason to offer a few important tips for you to weigh up concerning choices of frames.

Speaking of eyeglasses frames, we often take into account several factors that constitute frames, which are frame material (also referred to as texture), colors and styles or shapes. All these factors combined will make a huge difference when it comes to selecting a proper frame. First comes the frame material. Available on the market are several materials which we may classify as follows: plastic, metal, carbon fiber frames. Plastic frames are known for their lightweight and various employments of colors and styles, together with the attractive low price. All these qualities make plastic frames very appealing to those who are reluctant to pay more for glasses. But its shortcomings are quite manifest. Plastic frames are easily prone to the damage of high temperature and abrasion. And the color will fade away as time goes by. Metal frames, titanium frame in particular, are characterized by being corrosion-resistant and flexible and classy. They are the least likely to be damaged and worn away, and only require little, if any, maintenance. What they are possessed of are exactly what you need. Besides, this kind of frame will show forth in good measure your special taste and distinctive disposition, since metal or titanium is symbolic of top quality material.

As for the colors of frames, I do recommend that you shall make a fair and sound analysis of your complexion in the first place. A suitable frame color should be complementary to your complexion. All complexions fall into one of two color bases — blue (cool) or yellow (warm). If you are cool-complexioned, frames of black, blue-gray, magenta, pink, rose or amber colors may work out best for you. Frames of coral, orange, white, peach, gold, copper or red color are most suitable for those have olive or bronze color skin. So choose consciously and cautiously.

Equally important is the style of frames, which basically falls into such categories as rimmed, semi-rimmed, and rimless. Fully rimmed glasses are defined as glasses with a rim around the lenses whose main function is to protect the lenses. The full rim also makes possible the ingenious and innovative design made by some famous designer brands. However, rimless frames, as implied by the name, means frames without rim attached to the lenses. Its primary strength lies in its conciseness and lightness. Semi-rimmed frames are provided with the total merits of both rimmed and rimless ones. It is comparatively lightweight and allows for possible novel design attached to it, and also adds a dynamic edge to your looks.

In brief, choosing the best eyeglasses frames is not so hard as we thought, but it is never that easy. There are no so-called best eyeglasses frames under the sun. What suits for you most is the best you’ve got. So choose consciously and cautiously.