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How to adjust metal discount glasses bought online?

October 28th, 2009

Surfing around the internet, you will find the best way to buy discount glasses is through online retailers. There are many advantages of online purchase of discounted eyeglasses, but one disadvantage is very apparent, which is that you need to adjust the frame if it doesn’t fit or easily fall off the nose.

When this happens, the best way is to ask for local optician’s help. But as your discount glasses are not sold there, optician has the right not to help you. Therefore you need to learn how to adjust your discount glasses by yourself.

If you have bought metal discount glasses, then you are lucky. Metal frames are the most bendable, and not so easy to break. Basically you can adjust four parts, which are the nose bridge, the nose pads, the temples arms and the ear hooks on the temples. For the nose bridge and the temple arms, you may use hand force to bend or twist these parts gently and carefully without any tools, and stop when you feel comfortable after putting on your face. For the nose pads, some of them can be adjusted by hand, while others can only be done by pliers. Remember to wrap the tips of the pliers with rubber and layers of cloth, so it won’t damage the surface of the metal. Please note the nose pads are joined to the rims with a very fine metal wire, this is very easy to break. The ear hooks are normally wrapped by plastic cover, so you need to heat this part before adjusting its angle. Some people recommend to use oven as the heat source by keeping some distance from the visible fire (not too faraway and not to close). But keep in mind not to overheat, and you need to test the pliability of the ear hook the way you go. This part needs to be done with caution.

Discount glasses are really cheap, but before your discount glasses can work for you, you need to do some work.