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How to adjust rimless and plastic discount eyeglasses?

December 7th, 2009

People these days buy through online stores pairs of rimless or plastic discount eyeglasses for back-up. These purchase of discount eyeglasses lacks the procedure of fitting and fine adjustment by the opticians, therefore sometimes these discount eyewear doesn’t fit for the wearers. Metal discount eye glasses are considered the easiest to be adjusted, yet as the plastic and rimless discount eyeglasses represent more styles and shapes similar to or same as designers’ look, people still like to buy plastic and rimless discount eyeglasses in fashion look.

The rimless discount eyeglasses are the most vulnerable type which easily gets crooked. This mainly lies in the quality of the frame material ad the workmanship of the optician. Before adjusting rimless discount eyewear, you’d better know the quality of lenses whether they are polycarbonate or regular plastic like CR-39. Don’t try to adjust CR-39, leave it to the optician.

Plastic discount eye glasses are not so easy to adjust comparing with the metal ones. Usually you need to adjust the temples and the nose bridge of the discount eyewear. Most of the nose support of plastic eye glasses is an integral part of the frame, so nothing can be done for this part. Plastic need heat to be softened. You need to put on the discount eyewear first to see which part is too tight or too loose, which part the angel is not enough, and heat that part, and bend it or twist it t the comfortable position for you. Some recommend hair dyer as the heat source, but I think it is not hot enough to soften the plastic frame. Please try oven! Put the part over the oven but keep the frame parts away from visible fire in a distance that the parts can receive enough heat to become gradually soften. Test the pliability on the way you out the part over the oven, till it is soft and ca be adjusted.