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What are discontinued eyeglasses?

July 24th, 2010

It is a basic fact that many eyewear manufacturers have been around for many years or even decades. Eyewear brands like Ray Ban, Prada and Versace can all be dated back to several decades ago. And it is for sure that they have released many models of eyeglasses in their history. It is also widely recognized that the eyewear market is always changing in terms of frame style and even lens and frame technologies. Any eyewear brand who wants to attract and maintain loyal customers should try hard to make continuous innovations in frame design. Several models will be released in this year and some others in the next year. In this process, one facet is that new eyewear models will be developed every new year. This is commonly known by the public. But fewer people will know or pay attention to the other aspect that there are also many eyeglass models being discarded or discontinued each year. These discontinued eyeglasses have been always in the market for a couple of years.

It is hard to know exactly why these glasses are discontinued. A possibility is that these discontinued models are no longer fashionable after several years’ prevalence. It is hard for most eyewear styles to stay in the mainstream for many years, except for those with a classic design. Cat-eye glasses, bug-eye glasses, Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses and Wayfarer glasses are some other the never-out eyewear styles. Ok, there are absolutely some lasting styles but this is not the case for the majority of eyeglass models. From a historical perspective, discontinued eyeglasses account for a major proportion of the eyewear market, knowing that this market has such a long history.

It is necessary to know that discontinued eyeglasses are not exactly equal to unavailable eyeglasses. For instance, a manufacture stopped producing several models three years ago but these are still available in a small fraction of the local or online optical retailers. It is not surprising that there are some people searching hard around the Internet world for a certain model of discontinued glasses. In fact, it is a common thought among certain customers that they want to buy another same pair which has functioned well during the past years and only charged little money.