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How to keep your designer reading glasses clean?

January 3rd, 2010

When people get 40+ you probably will encounter vision errors in doing near work. In this case you will mostly need to wear reading glasses. Middle-aged people can more likely afford to buy higher quality, better material and more fashionable designer reading glasses to hide bad features of the face and make look younger and more appealing. Designer reading glasses are pretty valuable stuff, so routine clean work is needed to take better care of.

Designer reading glasses, one of the designer prescription glasses, normally are made out of high-end lenses with special coating and designer frames with special finish. Consult your optician for the best possible advice for the cleaning of your designer reading glasses.

Some basic tips tell us to always use the soft micro fiber cloth to clean the lenses. Don’t use paper towel or shirt corner or any rag to wipe the dust or dirt off the lenses which mostly will scratch the lenses. Wearing a pair of designer reading glasses with lots of specks on the lenses is impolite in front of friends and peers.

Besides the lenses, oil and dirt will also easily build up in the nose pads, temples and other parts of the designer reading glasses. Remember to use wild detergent and warm water to clean. For the nose pads, use unused soft toothbrush to remove the dirt. The most difficult parts are the earpieces, especially for the people of excessive perspiration, the earpieces need weekly clean-up otherwise the two temple tips of your beloved designer reading glasses can never be restored to original shade.