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Daily Suggestions on Keeping Eyes Healthy

July 6th, 2011

As eyes are considered as the windows of our hearts; we are all trying our best to protect our eyes from being hurt. However, do you know what should we do in daily lives to keep our eyes healthy?

Advantages of Drinking Teas

Chrysanthemum tea has a very good efficacy in protecting our eyesight. The chrysanthemums can help clean liver and reduce inflammation. When your eyes feel tired, steaming by the chrysanthemum tea for several minutes can relax yourself and make you feel better. Moreover, the fragrance of the flower can not only ease your dizziness or headache but also keep your eyes young. In addition, it is found that old people who drink teas a lot have less pearl eyes than those who do not drink teas at all.

The Lethal Effects of Cigarette, Wine and Sugar

Although we all know that too much cigarette, wine or sugar is bad for our health, what harms on earth do they inflict on our eyes? According to the research, more than 750 kinds of chemical components are contained in smoke, including a good deal of poisonous ones. If influenced by the poisonous smoke, our eyes may suffer from poor eyesight and color blindness. Heave drinking may probably blind us. Once alcohol stimulates the circulation of blood, our eyes will be engorged with blood which may impair the retina and result in bleeding. Besides, we have to eat less candy for cherishing our eyes, because metabolism of sugar needs a lot of vitamin B1 which is an important substance to keep our eyes healthy.

Wearing Sunglass is not Only for Fashion

Sunglass is a stylish accouterment that every one of us does not want to miss. However, we can not only choose sunglass by its appearance, because wearing a pair shoddy sunglass may make your eyes sick. Whiling shopping a pair of sunglass, you should pay attention to the following matters: firstly, make sure whether the sunglass has UV protection; secondly, make sure whether the surrounding environments are distorted or unfocused after you wear the sunglass; thirdly, make sure whether the lens color is too dark. Besides, in order to choose a pair of best sunglass, you should also wear it at right time and right place.

Eyes are the most precious gift that we got from our parents, so please cherish this gift and do something we can from now on.