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Custom glasses

June 28th, 2015

Custom glasses are eyewear especially designed and hand crafted for each individual. These eyewear are custom made based on each individual’s unique physical attributes and personal style. With custom glasses, you can choose not only the frame but also other components, such as the bridge, the piece that rests on the upper part of the nose, the temples and the arms that go along the sides of the head. It is like going to a custom tailor and selecting from various fabrics. Custom glasses can also be made to account for differences in people’s faces. For example, if you have a round-shaped face, you want something that gives your face a little more definition rather than duplicating the shape of your face. For a long and thin face, a frame recommend is more horizontal, with an oval or a modified rectangle that has softer edges to balance your look.

Moreover, the custom glasses are also customized with your speficic prescrption. There are many online eyeglasses stores provide custom glasses with your prescrise prescrpion. If you would love to buy custom glasses online, you should obtain a prescription from the local optic store before buying the prescription glasses. You can ask the optician at the local optic store to measure the papillary distance. The online eyeglasses store will require the information in the prescription glasses and papillary distance to make a pair of custom eyeglasses with accurate power.

Custom glasses can be also made of different types of color coatings. The one you choose will depend on your eye problem and basically what you prefer. Anti-reflective coatings are usually applied on eyeglasses to reduce glare. Eyeglasses with AR coating are best worn when driving. They help to minimize reflections and provide a nicer visual picture. Many people use custom eyeglasses with AR coatings for cosmetic purpose too. You may also consider getting eyeglass lens coatings which are designed to resist scratches and UV rays. In fact, eyeglasses with UV coatings are usually recommended by physicians because they help to protect your eyes from sun damage and prevent problems that can lead to permanent blindness. Scratch resistant coatings are important when used on lenses because they enhance durability and allow you to use your eyeglasses for longer.

Custom Glasses—Customized for Eye Wear Users

November 18th, 2010

Although there are assortments of glasses in the current market, it seems to be difficult for some people to find the most suitable eyeglasses. You may be surprised to see the wide range of glasses and you may be hesitant about making a decision as well. Nowadays, you can have another choice that is custom glasses. They are particularly made depending on your faces and features. If you wear glasses that can suit your style better, your life will become more comfortable.

It is widely known that glasses have played an important role like your watch, handbag or other decorative accessories in your daily life. Therefore, a pair of comfortable eyeglasses is really necessary. Now, many optical shops specialize in custom glasses. These craft glasses that are perfect for you, perfectly shaped to fit your face and matched your style, skin tone and personality. In order to make your ideal glasses, they will take custom measurements of your face and even mold your nose. You needn’t worry about being unsuitable at all.

With the emergence of custom glasses, they receive popularity among a large number of people. Indeed, they can meet different demands to the greatest extent. If you also want to have a pair of glasses specially made for you, you are suggested to go to the reputable optical stores. After all, eyes are one of the most precious organs in our body. As the old saying goes “eyes are the windows of the soul”. And a well-established optical shop always equals high quality. But the prices may be comparatively expensive.

We have to admit that custom glasses can make many people benefit a lot. If they have some special needs, whether the unique designs or chic decoration, they can take the custom glasses for granted. It is possible that you can create your glasses under the professional eye doctors’ direction. This can be interesting and attractive. Try them if you get a chance!

Two aspects of exact custom glasses

June 29th, 2010

Eyeglasses for vision correction are really a critical device for all individuals who have a vision condition. Rx eyewear has remained as the major solution for this group of people for many decades. In a typical case, a patient would get his or her eyes examined briefly by an optician or an eye doctor. After that, the lens prescription can be determined and the remaining task is to select a favorable frame. Every patient involves just these several steps and gets their prescription glasses ordered. Of course, the lenses are prescribed according to an individual patient’s vision condition measured during the exam, and the frame is selected based on personal preference. However, this process is to some extent quite concise and simple and the Rx glasses made are roughly customized. In fact, modern lens technologies and frame fitting techniques have made it possible to get an exact pair of custom glasses.

Getting a real pair of customized eyeglasses for vision correction requires two aspects of consideration: one is certainly the lenses and the other is the frame. The eye conditions of patients differ from each other. And every patient has unique facial features, determined by face size, shape and angles etc. An exactly personalized pair of prescription eyeglasses is very meaningful for every patient who chooses this solution. A true pair of custom glasses firstly needs more precise lens fitting. The current ophthalmic methods only deal with the most common vision problems. There is still a group who can not get their eye conditions corrected and a larger group suffering from stars, halos or other apparitions. The newest technologies are able to measure all details of a patient’s unique vision flaws, including eyeball shape irregularities, abnormal lens density, and aberrations of cornea. Lenses fitted based on these detailed measurements can be really more customized.

The other consideration of exact custom glasses is frame fitting. Some opticians or doctors further pay attention to frame details and try to craft glasses that are perfect for each individual. A typical pair resulted from this concept is perfectly shaped to fit a patient’s face, matched to his or her style, skin tone and personality. This requires prior measurement of the customer’s face and even molding the nose.