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Seven Tips for Computer Users to Protect Eyes

April 14th, 2011

Currently, the negative effects of computer to human’s physiology and psychology have gained more and more attention. Therefore, it is of great importance to use computer scientifically and reduce the damages brought from computer and network to the eyes. Well, how should the computer users protect their eyes effectively? Here are seven tips:

First, improve the awareness of self-care. Generally speaking, computer operators should rest for about 10 minutes after one-hour consecutive working. Moreover, they should strengthen the physical training to enhance their physical abilities.

Second, have a good working environment. The light in the computer room should not be too bright or too dark. It is necessary to prevent the screen from the direct light thus producing interferential light. The working room should have a good ventilation so as to allow the harmful gas to vent. Try to use non-impact printer to reduce noise.

Third, have a good operating posture.  The computer screen should be placed at the same level with the operator’s chest. It is better to use chairs that are adjustable. Don’t cross the feet so that to avoid influencing the blood circulation.

Four, pay attention to protect the vision. Don’t stare at the computer screen too long. If you find your eyes dry, red, burning, or if you cannot see clearly, or even if you feel swelling in the eyes or headachy you should go to see doctor immediately (Find you local eye doctor).

Five, supply nutrition. The computer operators’ rhodopsin that is composed of vitamin A will be consumed if they work in front of the computer too long. So, they should have such foods as carrot, cabbage, bean sprout, red date, orange as well as milk, egg, animal liver and lean meat in order to supply their vitamin A and protein.

Six, keep the skin clean. There is a great deal of static electricity on the computer screen surface. The dirt attaching to it can be transferred to the exposed parts of the face and hand. If this situation continues for a long time, macula and hyperpigmentation may easily occur. In serious cases, the operator will suffer from skin diseases.

Seven, wear radiation-proof glasses such as computer glasses. This cannot only protect your eyes from the radiation from the computer but also alleviate eyestrain effectively.