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Computer readers glasses

April 26th, 2010

The demand for computer readers glasses is increasing since both ordinary and netizens spend more and more hours in front of the computer everyday. Due to the simple operation of PC, the majority of people use computers, 80% of which are regular users. Some people just wear traditional glasses when sit before a computer. In fact, special computer readers glasses are needed. Staring at the monitor for over a two-hour period may cause discomforts such as eyestrain, blurred vision, headache, dry eyes etc… They are also called computer vision syndrome (CVS). The old may even suffer from sore neck. Both prescribed and non-prescription computer readers glasses can keep you away from CVS and even improve your vision. Computer readers glasses also reduce glare and provide UV protection.

The special lens of computer readers glasses is essential to reduce the eyestrain caused by staring at the monitor. Most of the modern computer readers glasses are lightweight and made of highly flexible stainless steel. A lower power is recommended for computer readers glasses. And your readers glasses should be in accordance with your exact prescription requirements.

Tinted lenses are used in computer readers glasses to reduce the too much blue light spectrum. Opticians often prescribe progressive lenses for more smooth vision. Custom-made readers glasses are usually better than pre-fabricated ones.

Clip-on computer readers glasses are also available and can be added to prescription glasses. They offer more convenience that you can simply switch between different situations.