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Magnetic Eyeglasses: A Gift for The Outdoorsy Guys and Sports Enthusiasts

August 17th, 2011

Guys who already wear prescription eyeglasses but enjoy outdoor activities or sports might find summer a little bit frustrating. On one hand, they need the eyeglasses to help their vision and on the other hand, a pair of sunglasses is really needed for blocking out all the harmful UV rays and glare. Many of them ended up carring two pairs of glasses around all the time and constantly switching them through the changing tasks. The advent of magnetic eyeglasses changes all that. Also known as eyeglasses with magnetic clip on shades, these glasses include a pair of regular prescription eyeglasses that have little invisible magnets embedded to the front of their frames and extra magnetic clip-on shades that can be secured onto the frames with the magnets. With this unique design, the prescription glasses and the shades become one, providing vision help and UV and glare protection at the same time.
Magnetic Eyeglasses

These magnetic eyeglasses are very easy to use. Because the clip-ons are connected to the frames of the eyeglasses with magnets, it allow you to operate with one hand ease. Unlike the traditional clip-ons or flip-ups, magnetic ones are very easy to clip into place and will keep in place steadily as long as you need them.

In addition, magnetic clip on shades come in a variety of styles and tint colors as well. The styles they are applicable to range from plastic frames to metal frames, from full framed glasses to semi rimless ones. Almost anything you can think of, they are compatible to them. As to the colors, there is a fusion, from black to light blue, for you to choose from so that they can match your personal taste and personality perfectly.

Magnetic Eyeglasses

Usually the clip-ons come in automatically with the eyeglasses as a package. Although in some cases, they can be purchased separately as well, it’s better stick to the conventional and seek professional helps on this matter. So if your thinking about getting yourself one pair of those magic glasses, ask your eye doctor about the availability the next time you are having your eyes examined and prescribed.