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Clear Sunglasses for Women: Fashion Statement Maker And Eye Protector All in One

August 21st, 2011

Based on whether or not the lenses have prescription powers, sunglasses mainly fall into two categories: prescription sunglasses (A.K.A RX sunglasses) and clear sunglasses. RX sunglasses are for those who need prescription lenses to help them see, whereas clear sunglasses are for the rest. Out of all the people who wear sunglasses, a large percentage don’t have any vision problem. That means only a relatively small amount have to wear a pair of RX shades, and the rest of us can just enjoy clear sunglasses. Since clear sunglasses aren’t meant to correct any vision problems, the main functions of them are left with UV and glare protection and fashion value. With the huge influence of celebrities and pop culture, the past few decades have seen the fashion value of those shades increasingly riding over functionality to become the primary consideration of any pair of clear sunglasses, especially for women. Since for our beautiful and intelligent and extremely appearance conscious ladies, almost nothing beats a pair of women clear sunglasses in terms of keeping them in vogue and giving them the fantastic looks they always desperately crave for.
Clear Sunglasses for Women

Whether its the always bold and presumptuous wraparounds or the intelligent and high-minded rectangulars,  clear sunglasses for women cross a range wide and dynamic. The huge fusion of styles and trends that’s been pushing the female wardrobe forward easily beats that of clear sunglasses for men, which is quite understandable, since female fashion always cross over the gender gap better than the male one. Aviators, the originally male dominated model from Ray Ban have been effortlessly blended into skirts and high heels. Just because of this endless renovation, clear sunglasses for women, alongside other accessories, have become the most important fashion statement for women.

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As important as fashion value is, any pair of shades still serve as a protective sunwear. Clear sunglasses may not have the prescription powers to help myopias-suffering people, they do have the capacity to block harmful UV rays and glare so as to protect our precious eyes. The harmful UV rays, given out by the sun, can cause serious damage to our pupils if not properly taken care of, and the glare would just be one huge pain in the ass for anyone who need to see clearly in order to proceed in their particular activity. With their special coating and tinting, clear sunglasses can block almost all the UV rays.

Clear Sunglasses for Women 2

So, buying a pair of women clear sunglasses would not only be buying the best fashion statement making a lady can ever hope for, but also buying eye health and thereafter a happy and wonderful life. As our friends in the advertisement departments like to say, its truly a case of killing two birds with one shot.

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Choose clear sunglasses for a unique appearance

June 7th, 2010

Over the past several years, colored sunglasses have occupied a majority proportion of the sunwear market. We are easy to see black sunglasses, white sunglasses, green sunglasses and many others. Lots of people consider that these colored sunglasses are trendy and fashionable. Actually, this popular thought reflects people’s complete change in mind about eyewear style. Eyeglasses and sunglasses that could be seen two decades ago were mostly plain and boring. Eyewear buyers could seldom find colored frames and tinted lenses. Making prescription glasses, black frame and clear lenses are the commonest combination. Designing sunglasses, it was the most popular practice to take use of dark lenses and black or white frames. How things have been changed today? In addition to those colored frames, even transparent frames are used by eyewear designers. And clear sunglasses are widely available in the market.

It is needless to explain the exact meaning of clear sunwear. In a word, they use clear or transparent frames. Compared with a colored frame, a clear frame is quite unique. Sunglass frames in black, white, green, red, purple and yellow are not transparent. But clear frames are transparent. This is the key difference between these two categories. For people who have got bored with colored frame sunglasses, clear sunglasses can help them create a different appearance. Sunglasses made of transparent frames do not try to change the sunwear fashion industry considerably. Sunglass lenses will still maintain the current state that nearly all lenses are tinted in different colors or photochromic.

What can we expect from clear sunglasses? It is equal to ask that what extra benefit people can get from choosing transparent sunglass frames? Actually we can get an answer by comparing clear sunwear with rimless sunwear. It is widely known that rimless eyeglasses and sunglasses cover a minimum part of the wearer’s face. For those confident in their natural facial beauty, eyewear frames should better be subtle or they should not offset the charming facial features. Transparent sunglasses flatter this pursuit well. Facial features behind the frame are completely visible.

Clear sunglasses and clear lens glasses- catch the wave of fashion

May 25th, 2010

It is difficult to know what kind of glasses is suitable for you with so abundance of glasses choices. Clear lens glasses and clear sunglasses are a big hit, plenty of people would like to choose clear lens glasses. For summer, clear sunglasses, which look really trendy and cool, are many people’s favorite.

On the one hand, a nice bit of people choose clear lens glasses as fashionable accessories just like some celebrities do. They wear clear lens glasses to balance out their features. Some kinds of clear lens glasses can make people’s faces more harmonious. For instance, one has a long nose or wide set eyes can look better with a heavy, dark bridge clear lens glasses that sits low on the nose. On the other hand, some people wear clear lens glasses for protecting their eyes from impact, debris, dust, or chemicals. As you know, to wear a pair of clear lens glasses can reduce the eye damage from dust and other tiny items which can float in the air, especially in the windy days. A pair of clear lens glasses is really useful outdoors.

In summer days, wearing clear sunglasses with mildly tinted lens, which works as well as regular sunglasses, is also a good choice. Clear sunglasses not only works in daytime, but can also be worn to protect the eyes during low light or night time activities. Wearing clear sunglasses to nightclubs is not only in fashion, but can also protect people’s eyes from the glaring of the lights. Additionally, some clear sunglasses with clear frames are one of the most fashionable styles among today’s youngersters. Plenty of people choose these kinds of clear sunglasses as their trendy choice.

In general, clear lens glasses are ones of the popular sunglasses in current times. And wearing a pair of clear sunglasses is also a great choice in summer days. Clear lens glasses and clear sunglasses really catch the wave of fashion.

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