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Clear Lens Glasses: Fashion Pursuers’ Ace in the Hole

February 24th, 2012

Clear lens glasses have long occupied their first rank among the hottest sellers at Firmoo, one of the most influential glasses stores online. Firmoo always have all types of clear lens glasses in stock for customers, varying from retro glasses frames to fashionable glasses frames, from rimless ones to full-rimed ones, from bright-colored ones to dark-colored ones, and so on and so forth. The privilege of wearing glasses no longer exclusively appertains to people having abnormal eyesight only owing to the advent of clear lens glasses. Clear lens glasses are that kind of fashionable ornament which suffices to offer wearers a refreshed and chic image.

Clear lens glasses function effectively in many aspects in our everyday life, of which the most eminent one is to transform our dull and monotonous facial image to distinctively brand new and charming one. Millions upon millions of sparkling clear lens glasses wearers are spotted from time to time and in all places which not only make wearers more confident and fashionable but also suffuse the world with a lively atmosphere. Apart from being invitingly stylish, clear lens glasses are all the same favored because of their unique application. Wearing clear lens glasses also bring wearers much eye protection as well. For instance, an increasing number of sports players now wear sports clear lens glasses for the purpose of shielding their eyes from accidental harm or the affliction of UV rays. A pair of clear lens glasses is sufficient to keep our eyes from the dirt and dust when in the midst of sports activities.

Are you touched by the wonderful advantages of clear lens glasses? Then it is the very moment for you to prepare for yourself pairs of fascinating and cool clear lens glasses. As to where to buy desirable clear lens glasses, Firmoo is the most commendable one which is constantly well-known and praised by their second-to-none high quality, low price and various styles. Only a simple click on Firmoo online will suffice to satisfy you dear customers for you will surprisingly obtain our first-ranking efficiency, courtesy, and trustworthiness.

Clear Lens Glasses: Your Dream Facial Ornament and Fashion Statement

February 15th, 2012

This is the era of clear lens glasses. This is the era of non prescription glasses. Clear lens glasses, also named non prescription glasses, make it possible for people with normal eyesight to have a fair chance of wearing glasses, and what’s more, to look more fashionable, confident and adorable.

Clear lens glasses have innumerable supporters who are in endless pursuit of leading the fashion trend. Clear lens glasses are employed not for vision correction but as a kind of facial ornament to polish your face and make it stand out in your ensemble. Wearers of clear lens glasses are of different ages and of various occupations. Some clear lens glasses can be added a layer of tint to bear some resemblance to sunglasses in that they not only have fashionable and cool shapes but more importantly they are exceedingly helpful in protecting the eyes from the harm of the glaring light and burning sun. Celebrities take clear lens glasses as their signature mark while the masses wear them as a facial ornament and eye shelter. Recently, the retro styles of clear lens glasses are in the mode, attracting myriads of glasses wearers. Retro clear lens glasses enjoy much adoration of the aged glasses wearers who are seeking classic and vintage of the previous days.

Buy clear lens glasses at Firmoo online. When it comes to buying clear lens glasses in the entity glasses stores, you may be disappointed by the sky-high prices. Luckily, clear lens glasses online are much cheaper online and it will take you less energy and time to choose the one you like. Before buying clear lens glasses, all you should do is make sure which style suits you best. Firmoo is one of the hottest online glasses stores that is constantly well reputed for its first-ranking glasses quality and second-to-none low prices. Clear lens glasses are the leading glasses that sell excessively well at Firmoo. Join us and we promise you will be pleased by our satisfactory service as well as by our superb clear lens glasses in store.

Clear eyeglasses for vision correction

June 2nd, 2010

Used for vision correction, eyeglasses are made with specific prescriptions according to patients’ needs. Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism still affect a large portion of people in this world. When prescription eyeglasses are still the major solution taken to deal with vision problems, more and more Rx eyewear users try to get additional benefit from these devices. Vision correction or compromise is definitely important, but modern eyewear manufacturers make it possible to enjoy more from wearing Rx eyeglasses. The best testimony to this expectation is the diversification of eyeglass styles in recently years. And in particular, clear eyeglasses are a typical example. They refer simply to prescription glasses made of clear frames. Do not mix them with clear lens eyeglasses, which mean eyewear using transparent Rx lenses.

Clear prescription eyeglasses can also be called transparent eyeglasses. They both indicate the state of eyeglass frames. Or we can say the color of the frames. People with certain knowledge of the current eyewear industry should know the widely use of different colors for eyewear frame and lens decoration. In the prescription eyeglasses world, frames can be in black, blue, red, orange and any possible color. It may be surprising that white frames are widely available. In the sunwear industry, both frames and lenses can be tinted. Clear eyeglasses are completely different from those colored eyewear products which represent the mainstream. Most people may have been used to this long-term trend. But it can never exclude other eyewear styles. In fact, prescription eyeglasses made of clear frames are quite unique and will probably create a perfect look on a person’s face.

Frame color is associated with specific materials. When it comes to clear eyeglasses, only plastics are feasible to create such an effect. Plastics in different types are very flexible and they can be made in any wanted colors. For instance, zyl can appear in the color of rainbow. And it can also create light colors on the interior sides of the frames. In some cases, colored eyeglass frames can fade over time, but clear glasses never bring this concern.

Clear sunglasses and clear lens glasses- catch the wave of fashion

May 25th, 2010

It is difficult to know what kind of glasses is suitable for you with so abundance of glasses choices. Clear lens glasses and clear sunglasses are a big hit, plenty of people would like to choose clear lens glasses. For summer, clear sunglasses, which look really trendy and cool, are many people’s favorite.

On the one hand, a nice bit of people choose clear lens glasses as fashionable accessories just like some celebrities do. They wear clear lens glasses to balance out their features. Some kinds of clear lens glasses can make people’s faces more harmonious. For instance, one has a long nose or wide set eyes can look better with a heavy, dark bridge clear lens glasses that sits low on the nose. On the other hand, some people wear clear lens glasses for protecting their eyes from impact, debris, dust, or chemicals. As you know, to wear a pair of clear lens glasses can reduce the eye damage from dust and other tiny items which can float in the air, especially in the windy days. A pair of clear lens glasses is really useful outdoors.

In summer days, wearing clear sunglasses with mildly tinted lens, which works as well as regular sunglasses, is also a good choice. Clear sunglasses not only works in daytime, but can also be worn to protect the eyes during low light or night time activities. Wearing clear sunglasses to nightclubs is not only in fashion, but can also protect people’s eyes from the glaring of the lights. Additionally, some clear sunglasses with clear frames are one of the most fashionable styles among today’s youngersters. Plenty of people choose these kinds of clear sunglasses as their trendy choice.

In general, clear lens glasses are ones of the popular sunglasses in current times. And wearing a pair of clear sunglasses is also a great choice in summer days. Clear lens glasses and clear sunglasses really catch the wave of fashion.

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The various functions of clear glasses

March 1st, 2010

Eyeglasses are considered as an essential fashion accessory in today’s world, so for those people without vision problems, they would like to choose the clear glasses to show their personality.

Generally speaking, clear eyeglasses can have several functions in your daily life. Clear glasses will do a great help to keep the dust or bug away from your eyes, especially when you are running or driving in the open air. Clear glasses can block the harmful UV rays. Eyes are quite fragile if exposing to the sun in a long time, so clear glasses with anti-ultraviolet coatings is a necessity if you are on beach or somewhere like that. Clear glasses are fashionable people’s favorite accessory. For the clear glasses can invert your styles in an easy way, either to be intellectuality or to be sexy. Clear eyeglasses are extremely important for some special careers, such as the doctors in the radiology department; they must wear the clear glasses with high lead to effectively bar the X-rays. With the widely used of computers, clear glasses are developed into anti-radiation. This function sounds exciting especially for the ladies who are afraid of computer radiation very much.

In fact, though the clear eyeglasses have no prescription at all, you should also pay attention to the quality and function of the clear eyeglasses. The improper clear glasses may do damages to your good eye vision. So if you want to get a pair of clear glasses, please go to the authorized shop, and check carefully about the craftsmanship and color of the lenses.

A kind reminder: if not very necessarily, I suggest you not wear clear eyeglasses, just enjoy your good eyes with a wide vision. The nearsighted or farsighted men must be envious of your eyes free from eyeglasses.