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about Chic glasses

June 30th, 2015

Style is not just for your clothing. As to those eyeglasses wearers, the chic glasses really are to your face what a frame is to a great piece of art. If you have to wear them on a daily basis, staying on trendy by choosing fashionable and attractive frames to suit your personality may not be a bad idea.

When it comes to chic glasses, the bigger is now better. These thicker, plastic, square frames are no longer associated with the school bookworm. Oversized glasses came onto the scene when worn by some celebrities and now they are hitting the mainstream. When shopping for the latest trends, be sure to keep your face shape, check bones and jawline in mind. Not all trends work for all people so choose the one that will keep you looking trendy and chic but still like yourself.

The feature of chic glasses is moving away from the completely rimless look and venturing more into a combo of plastic and metal. It still has the silhouette of the rimless look, but with a bit more character. The chic glasses are usually adorned in plastic while the bottom half is made of metal. Moreover, proving that history repeats itself, thicker, plastic frames are once again the future of eyeglasses trends. Popping up in every shape and color, plastic frames are quickly replacing the metal frame as most popular. Thicker and 40s inspired glasses are become increasing popular for men.

Breaking away from the standard blacks and browns of eye wear will keep you on cutting edge of this trend. This trend takes old classic shapes and adds modern color. Popular colors include red, lime green, purple, blue and leopard print.

Chic Eyeglasses Frames for Fabulous Look

November 2nd, 2010

It is believed that many people have the same experience that they are more concerned about the frames. A pair of chic eyeglasses frames can make people look fabulous and make sure eyeglasses to suit them better. Therefore, it is reasonable to pick out eyeglasses frames carefully.

With the rapid development of eyeglasses industry, eyeglass frames today have more selections than before. For the fashion conscious, they can get any styles they like. Frames are made from different materials such as plastic, mixed metal etc. And the colors and shapes are varied widely. However, it is very important that you choose the best one that suits your image. Look for eyeglass frames that go with your overall personality is similar to your dressing style and your hairstyle. Luckily, you can get prescription glasses with stylish frames now.

When buying eyeglasses, you are sure to have an accurate prescription. Then you can start to purchase eyeglasses frames. You should know which style suits your face well. In most cases, it should be decided by your face shapes. The size of eyeglasses frames also can’t be avoided. The right size can make you feel comfortable and look well. Combined with the two points, you can choose the eyeglasses frames freely in the huge market. Whatever you choose, the choice is exclusively yours but remember that it’s your style.

Where could I get the latest designs of chic eyeglasses frames? Obviously, it is the internet. The online optical shops are also the best source for getting trendy eyeglass frames. It is mainly because that you can get access to the worldwide brands as well as non-branded eyeglasses online. What’s more, you can compare prices among different brands. You can get chic eyeglasses frames at reasonable prices. Can’t you wait to get a pair of chic eyeglasses frames?  It can really make you look fabulous.

A Combination of Fashion and Function—Chic Eyeglasses

October 31st, 2010

In the passed times, eyeglasses are not favored by everyone even though they need wear eyeglasses for vision correction. It is mainly because those eyeglasses at that time have the unsatisfying appearance and can’t express their personality. However, eyeglasses are completely different now. They are incorporated with stylish elements and can meet with different people’s needs.

With the emergence of chic glasses, all fashionable eyewear users consider them firstly. To certain extent, these eye wears have changed the meaning of eye glasses in many people’s minds. Although, chic eyeglasses have made their first appearance for short time, they have attracted many trendy wearers. The essence is that chic eyeglasses can be both fashionable and functional. They are specially designed fro people, who always want to boost their personal elegance.

Sometimes, people may bear bias toward eyeglasses, mainly because their images will be greatly damaged by those simply designed eye wear. Chic eye glasses are their best alternatives. They are manufactured in the latest designs and techniques and can offer wearers completely different feelings. Although you have some similar worries, chic eyeglasses will eliminate your worries. It can be said that chic glasses are the best articles to show personal tastes and elegance. They are usually designed by those top fashion houses in the world and some personal elements can be added in.

Meanwhile, chic eyeglasses have the function of vision correction. They can make eye wear with the most accurate prescription. Wearers can also enjoy great optical clarity with these eye glasses. As a result, eyewear users can not only enjoy the newest fashion tide, but also highlight their personal tastes. With these chic eyeglasses, they can always be appealing like wearing fashionable eyeglasses. The chic designs will upgrade your savor as well. In a word, chic eyeglasses are a combination of fashion and function.

Some examples of chic glasses

July 15th, 2010

The large number of colorful individuals who need vision aid requires naturally diverse eyewear products. Traditional prescription eyeglasses came in black or gray frames. The lenses were all crystal clear. This combination was the only option for people who resorted to Rx eyewear for help. This lack of various designs had even led many people to choose contact lenses as an alternative, because contacts are “invisible”. Avoiding the ugly and boring appearance brought by plain eyeglasses was a common thought among especially ladies who were aware of their looks. It is fortunately that after the unremitting efforts made by eyewear makers in the past decades, a brand-new eyewear market has been brought into existence. Modern prescription eyeglasses are mostly attractive, with a guarantee of precise lens fitting. In addition, with their visual needs met, modern eyewear users tend to select chic glasses, which refer to eyeglasses that are very fashionable and elegant.

Like other types of products, eyeglasses are dynamic when we try to discuss their trends. Some classic and popular eyewear styles have been out and some new ones are thriving. In retrospect, eyewear frame has been one of the most common aspects taken into consideration by eyeglass designers. Eyeglass frames can be any wanted shapes, but the most classic and fashionable ones are round and rectangle. Round eyewear models look cute and interesting. It is widely acknowledged that rectangular eyeglasses are the best representative of chic glasses, while considering solely frame shape. Rectangle glasses traditionally provided by various brands never lose their elegance and popularity.

Another aspect is eyeglass coloring. All of us know that Rx eyewear frames can be tinted into different colors, like green, purple, and peach, just to list a small fraction. But tinted lenses used in prescription eyeglasses are probably a secret for a great number of people. A real point is that tinted eyeglasses have been among chic glasses for several years. These products are sometimes called prescription sunglasses because the lenses also help protect the eyes against hazardous sun rays. These eyeglasses with tinted lenses are really fashionable.