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Cheap UV Sunglasses Cost Little But Protect Your Eyes Well

September 19th, 2011

Are you often asked by friends and relatives about things related to glasses and shades. One of the most frequently asked questions about shades is: are those cheap UV sunglasses that can be found at drug stores and in supermarkets and that cost only a breakfast as effective as the hundred-buck-tagged designer ones in high street stores when it comes to their protective functions. To answer that question, different people speak with different tongues. The top executives of a top notch brand fashion house will never tell the truth since it will significantly influence their revenues. They always tell like their multi-million-dollar ads say. But is what we are being told by famous stars and supposedly trust-worthy personnel the truth? Does the price tag really reflect the function value behind them? As it turns out not necessary.

UV shades

As we all know, sunglasses are used to block out harmful UV rays and annoying glare. Without them, our days out in the sun during the summer could be pretty dangerous and frustrating. Not only will the ultraviolet rays pose potential damage to our precious eyes, the ubiquitous glare that is reflected off smooth surfaces can cause serious problems in our navigation which may in turn lead to horrible results. Therefore, on a functional stand of point, UV and glare protection are definitely the priorities. But do these functions really cost that much? The answer is no. With the rapid development of the optical industry, the technology and material required to achieve ideal UV and glare protection have become fairly inexpensive. Therefore a pair of functionally workable sunglasses won’t cost that much. What you normally see on the price tags besides those designer shades sitting behind display windows in the fancy stores are 80% for their fashion value and their brand names. Scientific reports have shown that cheap UV sunglasses that you pick up at your local drug stores can block UV and glare just as perfectly as those found in high street stores. As long as you see a tag on the lenses that says 100% UV protection, you are good with a fine pair.

UV sunglasses

We won’t deny that fact that people nowadays wear sunglasses for the look of it. They wear them for a celebrity vibe that those shades give out. Although fashion value does play a fairly large part in people’s shades wearing motivations, it can’t take up 80% of the whole product’s price. For those who follow fashion closely and would feel their life ending without the brand names, designer and expensive shades are of course the No. 1 choice. For the most of us who don’t feel like keeping up with the latest fashion trends. However, those cheap UV sunglasses easily available both on and off lines are probably better. They cost little but protect your eyes just as fine.