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The famous Cartier glasses

October 22nd, 2009

Cartier glasses is one of the branches of the Cartier family, who is the well-known brand that represents quality and trend. Besides Cartier eyeglasses, the Cartier Group(founded by Louis Francois Cartier since he created the first mans wristwatch in 1904) covers fields like jewellery, diamond, necklace, ring, pen and wristwatch, some of which are even more influential than Cartier glasses in the global market.

Since 1968, Cartier glasses have developed from a family corporation into a powerful international organization. Currently, Cartier glasses has established branches in most of the cosmopolitan cities worldwide, namely, Moscow, Hong Kong, Munich, New York and some European cities such as Gannes and Monte Carlo. Customers can find their favorable styles in the Cartier glasses boutiques in these cities. More conveniently, you can buy Cartier eyeglasses online, the popular website providing Cartier eyeglasses is Cartier, which offers a variety of kinds—-rimless, half-rim, full rim and wood frame, as well as Cartier sunglasses.

Cartier eyeglasses impress the customers as formal and classic while maintaining the top fashions. Materials of Cartier glasses include acetate and metal while plastic Cartier eyeglasses are seldom seen. The frames of Cartier glasses are commonly designed into rectangular and butterfly shapes.

Every Cartier glasses are manufactured with a unique serial number engraved on the temple of the glasses, which is the effective way of certification.