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Burgundy sunglasses with an unusual taste

May 23rd, 2010

Creative designers of eyeglasses and sunglasses have developed lots of innovative eyewear products for customers’ enjoyment. While regular prescription eyeglasses accounted for the whole eyewear market decades ago, colorful eyeglasses and sunglasses are now created for additional fashion enjoyment. In addition, safety glasses or goggles are provided for extra eye protection which is needed by workers involving a dangerous environment. In fact, all these additional advancements in the eyewear industry can be divided into two main categories, namely functional ones and fashion-enhancing ones. The first group includes prescription sunglasses and prescription goggles, while the latter group contains colored glasses and colored sunglasses. Burgundy sunglasses are a good example of the latter type. These sunwear products are really a testimony to the great imagination of sunglass designers. It is believable that this color was not applied to sunglasses in a random way. Burgundy is the color of a famous type of wine called Burgundy.

By borrowing this classic color, sunwear designers and manufacturers enable modern customers to experience a particular taste of coloring. Appearing in dark red, it is very likely to create an elite statement. This is quite valuable for most of the ladies with certain social status. Unlike burgundy glasses which have only colored frames, burgundy sunglasses usually take use of burgundy lenses as well as burgundy frames. Anne Klein, Guess, Gucci, Maui Jim and Tory Burch all provide burgundy sunwear through their own distribution networks. And these burgundy products come in considerably different styles. For instance, Maui Jim utilizes thin, metal frames and temples. But Guess makes its burgundy sunwear models in a design with thick frame and temple using plastics.

Except for differences in style, burgundy sunglasses still differ in functionality. Regular sunwear buyers very probably know colored sunglasses can take use of tinted lenses or photochromic lenses. Burgundy sunshades have also burgundy tinted type and burgundy photochromic type. The latter category is capable of adjusting the darkness of the lenses according to the amount of UV rays in the environment.

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