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Blue sunglasses with blue lenses

March 10th, 2010

Blue sunglasses are sunglasses with blue color frames or lenses. So that there are exactly two types of blue sunglasses: blue frame sunglasses and blue lens sunglasses. Blue frame sunglasses are simply with blue frames, while blue lens sunglasses have many variations.

Blue sunglasses can be a good choice for fashion tints in lighter shade. It is commonly known that different tints react differently to the light. Blue tints may increase glare so that if you want to wear blue sunglasses outdoor, consider using a grey lens combined with a blue mirror coating.

The color blue is an overall concept. In different degrees, blue sunglasses can be sub-divided into several types: deep blue lens sunglasses, medium blue lens sunglasses and light ones, as well as other mixed blue colors. These different blue sunglasses can be implemented simply by mixing up blue with other colors.

Blue lens sunglasses can be equipped with various colored frames. Most of the people may think that blue sunglasses are mostly coupled with blue frames. Nevertheless, this is not the situation for blue lens sunglasses. In fact, if blue sunglasses are those with both blue lenses and blue frames, they look strange. At least, this is not the preferable combination. The more common seen combinations are blue with black, blue with grey etc…

Nowadays, blue lens sunglasses can be found in many brands, such as Wiley and Oakley. Within each brand, there are several types. For example, Oakley produces Oakley Radar Pitch sunglasses, Oakley M Frame Heater sunglasses, both of which have blue lenses. One of the popular styles of blue sunglasses is the sports style.