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A Revolution to Treat Blepharitis

November 19th, 2009

Do you know blepharitis? Have you ever heard about it? Blepharitis is an eye disease that maybe far from or near us. Generally speaking, it is one of the most common disorder of the eye, or specifically speaking the disorder of the eyelid margins, which may cause red eyes, itching and irritation of the eyelids. The patient will sometimes experience white flakes sticking to eyelashes.

Normally, in the past the treatments of blepharitis are simple and easy to be done by patients themselves, things like cleaning eyelid with hygiene wipes regularly; removing the greasy and scaly crusting; and taking antibiotic to treat bacterial inflammation.

Those methods, now, have been out dated and do almost little effect to blepharitis, but the good news is that it has been researched that a new treatment, has been developed. With this method, not only blepharitis but also the underlying cause of it and the conditions concerned are able to be cured at once.

And then what is this revolutionary? It is called the Warm Compress Mask Treatment. The reason why it outweighs other traditional treatment, for example the historically recommended “hot flannel treatment”, toward blepharitis is as follows:

Warm Compress Mask is more able to sterilize than hot flannels, which may, on the contrary, prolong inflammation.

Warm Compress Mask works long than hot flannel, which stay hot enough for a few moments, while WCM treatment requires 40C warmth for 10 minutes

What is more, WCM is easy to apply and pleasant to apply, and most importantly it is natural. No drugs are contained to destabilise your tear film.