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Black Sunglasses: A Must Have for Every Man

August 4th, 2011

With the summer proceeding to the mount of its hotness and the sun shining throughout the day, you need a pair of sunglasses to help you get through the rest of the season. Out of the many styles and color options that you can choose from, black sunglasses are one of the most classic and longest lasting styles out there on the market. These glasses are either all black ones with black frames and lenses tinted black or partially black ones with black frames and darkly tinted lenses, such as, lenses tinted in silver or dark yellow. In either case, these classic black sunglasses have always been a favorite on men’s wardrobe list.

As a functional device to protect eyes from the harmful UV rays given out by the sun, black sunglasses are one of the best models to choose from. The black or dark tint on the lenses block UV rays well. To have further glare protection, these black sunglasses can easily be made polarized as well, making them the most functional sunglasses out there. As a fashion accessory, no other style speaks simplicity and sophistication at the same time like black sunglasses do. These sunglasses adds to the depth and sophistication of a man, which for some female equals directly sexiness, and at the same time avoid the impression of desperately craving for attention and notice like some of the more bolder designs. This somewhat conservative concept may not attract those who are constantly seeking the novelty, but for the most of us who care more about depth than the surface, they definitely fit the bill.

black sunglasses

With all the merits stated above, I’m sure your next question is where to buy black sunglasses. Well, there are certainly designer models and glamorous brands you can look at. Everyone from Ray Ban to Oakley to Gucci to LV all have their own lines of black sunglasses, and if you don’t care about spending extra money on it, go ahead and get one. However, for those of us who may have a tight budget when it comes to accessories like sunglasses, cheap black sunglasses are a better alternative. These sunglasses provide the same protection as top notch designer ones do, and they look just as cool as their brand counterparts do, too. The only thing they lack is that logo, and if you don’t care about that, go and pick one pair up online or at your nearest drug store.

Unisex metal full rim Aviator Rx sunglasses

Celebrities Show Stylish Sunglasses for Teenagers

July 1st, 2011

As the ultimate trendsetters, celebrities haven a huge influence on fashion. Fashion journalists keep chasing them and catch the latest fashion trend. It is easy to find that celebrities are often spotted wearing fabulous sunglasses making them look great. So lots of people, especially the youth, spare no effort to follow them. Here are examples they show for teenagers.

Examples of Stylish Sunglasses for Teenage Boys

Many male famous celebrities love to wear sunglasses, such as Brad Pitt, Johnny Deep, who are the hottest guy worldwide. Most of male celebrities are interested in one special classic style- aviator sunglasses, which was first produced by Ray Ban which is a leading sunglasses brand for its fashionable style and high quality. So, for teenage boys, you will get a celebrities look and draw much attention from girls while wearing aviator sunglasses. There is no doubt aviator sunglasses sold by Ray Ban are of high expenses, teenage boys can get aviator sunglasses from online store, which not only help you save much money but also fatter your temperament.

Examples of Hot Shades for Teenage Girls

Sunglasses have become must-have accessories which put the final touches to their outfit. Compared with men, women pay more attention to the style of sunglasses. It is well known that female celebrities are crazy about various kinds of sunglasses, such as Paris Hilton who is a paparazzi favorite and own more than one hundred of sunglasses in different style. Besides, many female celebrities, as fashionistas, have designed their sunglasses by themselves such as Victoria BeckHam.

One kind of sunglasses that female celebrities often wear is oversized sunglasses. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are fans of oversized sunglasses, which making them look hot and sexy. Another one is black sunglasses, which gain great popularity. Victoria BeckHam is rarely seen without her signature shades on and often shows up while wearing black sunglasses to match her unique and chic style.

Black sunglasses as the major choice

May 21st, 2010

In the eyewear industry, sunglasses have long been a member tolerates no ignorance. Except for clear lens prescription eyeglasses being the mainstream, sunglasses play an irreplaceable role in helping human beings living in modern times fight against outdoor UV rays. Now everyone living on this planet may know that sunglasses can be used to protect the eyes against harmful rays. While a single pair of sunwear is basically for this sort of protection, there are actually a wide variety of sunwear types. Many people may have heard of black sunglasses. Exactly speaking, they refer to sunglasses that are made with black or dark lenses. Sunglass lenses in dark colors can effectively filter out unwanted ultraviolet rays in sunlight. And another point is that a higher degree of darkness is supposed to do a better job. In this case, it is not unusual to see ladies and gentlemen wearing dark sunglasses on streets, beaches and golf courts.

Till now, sunglasses made with black or dark lenses remain the majority in the whole sunwear world. However, this does not mean that black sunglasses are the sole solution and the single type. Sunglasses capable of blocking harmful rays can also be in other colors. Feasible ones include blue, orange, purple, gray and the like. Sunglass lenses in any of these colors are usually competent in guarantee UV protection. Manufacturers know the baseline is to ensure enough eye protection. In addition to this fundamental function, users of sunglasses in other colors are able to enjoy additional fashion statement. This makes it a reality to have “blue or gray” eyes. For many people, these colorful lenses are additional enhancement of their facial beauty. It is very important that these colored lenses will never affect the users’ normal vision perception.

While sunglasses in colorful styles are emerging and gaining influence, black sunglasses are expected to maintain its major role in this realm. For a large portion of average individuals, black sunwear is still the first choice. And for people especially fashion-aware ladies, colorful sunglasses are more preferable.

Universal black sunglasses

May 6th, 2010

Black sunglasses are one of the mainstreams of sunglasses styles. In fact, black sun glasses are the most common seen anywhere, on street, beach, golf field etc… Black sunglasses were the only choice at the early stage of sunglasses development. In those days, people could not find sunglasses in various colors; only black sun glasses were available. But it was ok, because black fit nearly anyone. Although someone may not like black sunglasses, they never aroused ugliness. This may also explain that why black sunglasses are still prevailing nowadays and never sign of fading out. Currently, you can get black sun glasses for women, men and unisex.

Flys is the most well known black sunglasses provider. It provides a variety of black sun glasses series, such as Fly No.5, Fly Detector and Fly End. Flys makes black sun glasses in various styles. The frame materials include metal and nylon. Due to the huge demand for Flys black sunglasses, the company has suffered from an increase of fraud on international orders. At, you can also find goggles and other accessories including backpacks and buckles. Some online shops are authorized to sell Flys black sunglasses. At, you can find most of the popular Flys black sun glasses.

Most of the famous brands manufacture black sunglasses, such as Aviator, Ray Ban etc… The prevailing Ray Ban predator 2030 worn by Will Smith in Men in Black is also black. This black sun glasses really built the cold image of him.

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Introduction of brown or black lens sunglasses

April 1st, 2010

Sunglasses are firstly popular within celebrities for fashion purpose or mask their identity, especially black lens sunglasses or brown lens sunglasses. In recent years, black lens sunglasses are more and more popular, not only for fashion purpose but also for eye’s health protection. Because the sunlight, especially in summer, is too bright to human eyes, and the ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight may harmful to the eye health causing serious eye problems. So black lens sunglasses or brown lens sunglasses wear during outdoor activities are recommended by eye healthcare professionals. Black lens sunglasses can also be used by patients with eye diseases for medical need or the patient with blind eyes.

With the purpose of preventing strong light, sunglasses are usually of deep colors. Black lens sunglasses and brown lens sunglasses are two kinds of the most popular sunglasses. Both black lens sunglasses and brown lens sunglasses’ lenses can be made from either glass or plastic, and with the development of plastic materials, plastic lenses are more and more popular.

Mirrored coatings can also be covered to the black lens sunglasses or brown lens sunglasses for reflecting light. For example, brown lens sunglasses can have a dark blue mirror coating, and black lens sunglasses can have a silver coating.

There are mainly three types of sunglasses made for myopia. The first type is a corrective lens manufactured with dark lens, which can serve as sunglasses, such as black lens sunglasses. Another type is to use a clip-on lens that can be flipped up covering in front of normal glasses. The last type is photochromic lens which may turn to darken gradually in bright light.