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Bifocal Sunglasses – The Best Alternatives in summer

April 10th, 2010

Multi-focal lenses have gained their new momentum since this new century. In particular, when it comes to summer, multi-focal sunglasses, also called varifocal sunglasses, are really very in. Those sunglasses can not only make people cool to look at, they also have very special functions and features. Here is an instruction about one of such unique sunglasses- bifocal sunglasses.

There are a lot of members in the family bifocal sunglasses. Of which, bifocal sport sunglasses are really very outstanding. Those sunglasses are mainly used for sport use. So, they are very popular among athletes and fans. They can ensure two things- wearers’ eyes will never be damaged by sun lights; wearers perfect very nice in the activities. Here are two very typical examples.

The first should doubtless be bifocal sunglasses polarized, for they are really multi-functional. Then, how to explain this? Because those sunglasses are polarized, they can ensure that wearers’ eyes will never be injured by glares. Those sunglasses are some of the best alternatives for people who often work surrounded by glares. For example, if people love to read under sun light, they can wear them; if they often go fishing, those sunglasses can help filter out harmful glares reflected by water. Still, they can be used for driving, skiing, etc.

The second is sunglasses for professional use- bifocal sunglasses for golf. Like other sunglasses for sports, those sunglasses are specially made for athletes and fans of golf. This is because the designs of them are based on the related environment and the tools. For example, those special sunglasses can filter out glares reflected by pools; can weaken the influence of grassland; can highlight the colors of the golf balls, etc. Therefore, they are idea alternatives for golf sports, but not good for other activities.

In addition, people should be very careful about the prescription of bifocal sunglasses. The reason is very simple- all bifocals should be meticulously prescribed, due to their own characteristics; all functions wearers need should be embodied in the sunglasses; all fashionable elements can be added in prescribing process, etc.

All in all, bifocal sunglasses are really good friends for people who want to enjoy comfortable and nice summer.

Introduction about Bifocals for Sports Use

April 7th, 2010

In our daily lives, bifocals are mainly used for two purposes- vision correction and accessories. However, there are still bifocals for other special uses. For example, HD bifocal sunglasses are just used by people who need to see objects or something much clearly than others. Therefore, with those particular functions, bifocals have gained momentum all the more. In particular, bifocals used in sports are really very nice and very popular among sportsmen and fans. Here is something about those glasses.

Due to the strong demands of sports men, some bifocal sport glasses come into being as a result. Those glasses are specially designed for sports and not good alternatives for other purposes.

For example, bifocal glasses for golf have won great popularity among sportsmen of golf and golf fans. Why are they so crazy about those glasses? Because such glasses can filter out many disturbing lights that may affect players’ performance; they can also help highlight the colors of the golf balls and weaken the colors of other objects, like grass around. Thus, by seeing through those glasses, players can see much clearly of those objects. And facts have also proved that people with those glasses can perform much better than those who do not.

Still, glasses for one sport is can neither be used in other activities. That’s to say, bifocals for golf can are not good choices for people who skis. This is because different sports require differently on their environment, their tools, their rules, etc. Therefore, people should choose the corresponding glasses for a particular sport activity.

There is another problem in wearing sport bifocals- what will people do when it comes to summer. Therefore, bifocal sport sunglasses are ideal devices in this period. Those sunglasses can help protect wearers’ eyes from being damaged by UV rays and other harmful radiations. Still, some of those sunglasses have other unique functions.

For example, bifocal sunglasses for fishing are just one of the most outstanding examples. Those sunglasses are beloved options for lovers of fishing. The environment for fishing is full of harmful rays and glares. Basically, they will protect eyes from be damaged by strong sun lights. Moreover, they are often polarized and can help filter out most glares that may also affect vision and injure eyes.

In a word, there are still many other bifocals for different sports use. Keep in mind; be careful about one point- particular glasses are for certain purposes only.

Bifocal Sunglasses for Sports Are Really Nice For Sports Use

April 3rd, 2010

Great achievements are made in glasses industry and bifocal glasses for different uses come into being as a result. Those glasses are good choices in some occasions, but not so in others. For example, bifocal sports glasses are useful for those sports men and fans. Thos glasses are proved very effectively in protecting eyes and enhancing performance. However, some wearers find that those glasses are not very ideal alternatives in summer. And the emergence of bifocal sport sunglasses has solved such problems.

Theoretically, some very particular features can be found in those sunglasses- bifocal, sunglasses, and for sports use. In terms of bifocal, those sunglasses are varifocal lenses. Then what is a varifocal lens? It is a kind of lens totally different from conventional lens that has one single vision only. More that one vision areas can be found on it. Therefore, there are two vision areas in each lens of those sunglasses. As for the feature of sunglasses, they are almost the same as other sunglasses that can effectively protect eyes and skins around. They can filter out almost all harmful rays and radiations, like UV rays, glares, etc. From the perspective of sports use, those sunglasses are ideal in particular sports. For example, those sports sunglasses for tennis are not good for golf. This is because the wanted and disturbing light in different sports may vary a lot. For instance, such sunglasses for gold use can help highlight the colors on the gold balls and sportsmen can see very clearly of them as a result.

Generally, just because of their uniqueness, most of those sunglasses are polarized. The polarizing process is very useful, through which the sunglasses can effectively filter out some glares reflected by snow, glass, water, etc. For example, bifocal sport sunglasses for golf are just like this. The surroundings of golf courses are very complicated and sportsmen have to face the fact that water in some pools may reflect glares. Therefore, almost all such sunglasses are polarized.

Then, some people may ask where to get those unique sunglasses? Polarized bifocal sunglasses stores are just some of the best places, where some of the top specialists are equipped. Of course, there are still many other places to get them.