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Bifocal Reading Glasses: an Unexpected Fashion Trend

February 17th, 2012

Five years ago, would anyone have considered it possible that the nerdiest of the nerdy glasses in the world, bifocal reading glasses, could someday become a fashion trend? However, in an era when practically nothing is impossible, bifocal reading glasses have for better or worse become the most unexpected fashion trend in the passing couple of years. It is not an exaggeration to say that bifocal reading glasses is catching on when it’s being worn by the sexiest man alive, Brad Pitt, or the most competitive coming-of-age rapper doing his thing on the most popular talent in the world. Those who have switched from their old pairs of bifocal to the everyone-is-talking-about progressives are now switching back for the sake of comfort, convenience and the newly found fashion value.

Gone are the days when a pair of bifocal glasses is laughed at just because they give away the fact that the wearers might be over the age of forty. People don’t like to hang their age around on their face for the world to know and subsequently bifocals are being disliked by many. As an alternative, scientists and opticians developed progressives to replace bifocals and since they don’t have any of that obvious separating lines that’s been scrutinized, progressives are selling pretty well. However, after a period of time, the fever died down a little as people began to learn that it takes a difficult adjusting period to get used to progressives and later that some people just couldn’t get over the adjustment period. Bifocal reading glasses, with their wearers-friendly design and convenient operating method, popped up on people’s mind again. However, some still hesitated on the thought of the unsightly effect these super nerdy glasses might bring to their face and overall image. Then, there comes the storm contributed by the names mentioned above and many more celebrities residing Hollywood which deleted totally and completely the consumption that bifocal glasses are uncool and established firmly in people’s mind that is worn properly, even bifocals could be sexy and attractive.

In an age when almost anything could be purchased electronically, bifocal glasses are no exception to the E-commerce trend., the world’s most professional eyewear vendor online has the most complete stock of bifocal reading glasses and their user’s friendly page and purchasing procedure will help you land your favorite pair within just no time.

Weigh The Pros And Cons Of Bifocal Eyeglasses

December 6th, 2011

The very mention of bifocal eyeglasses brings to mind many debates and discussions. Opinions and perspectives on the product vary with different groups of people, sometimes to the extent of exact opposition. While some are highly and quite reasonably on their turns in favor of bifocal eyeglasses, others might be totally against it. The extremely polarized views on bifocal eyeglasses give a glimpse of a product combining many merits celebrated by followers and just as many defects scrutinized by its critics. Like two sides of the same coin, the pros and cons of bifocal eyeglasses must be taken into serious consideration when one is deciding whether or not to buy.

In comparison to single vision eyeglasses, the biggest advantage bifocals have is convenience. It saves those who suffer from the double harassment of presbyopia and myopia from the nettling troubles of switching between sets of glasses. By blending two different powers into the same lens, bifocal eyeglasses allow the wearer to see things at distance and things up-close by simply tilting their eyes slightly to look through the respective parts of lenses. Such ingenious design for many people is enough to ignore any drawbacks these glasses may otherwise have, since it spares them from their long-lived headaches once and for all.

For others, however, glasses featuring two powers isn’t enough to cover the many defects, among the most commonly complained of which the notorious image jump is. Because the prescription powers on two sides of the separating line are sharply different, wearers often experienced a sudden jump or distortion of image when their vision moves across the line. Such problem is unavoidable with bifocals or trifocals, what have you, but can be spared with progressive lenses. Featuring a gradient of powers progressing from the top to the bottom of lenses, progressive lenses do give more of a natural view as is advertised. However, that doesn’t mean progressive lenses are the ultimate and perfect alternative to bifocals. Wearers of such lenses often find huge areas of blurred vision at two sides of the lenses, which end up offending many and sending them back to bifocals. It seems that we still need to await the ideal solution that solves all problems and comes with not the slightest drawback. As for the time being, we might as well weigh the pros and cons and our particular conditions and make decisions accordingly.

Bifocal Glasses: An All-Rounder That Is Hard to Come By

November 23rd, 2011

In full swing is the heated debate of bifocal glasses being the ultimate savior of people’s eyesight. True enough, we opt for bifocal glasses instead of other alternatives on account of three reasons. An overall series of comparison and contrast conducted in such respect will bring home to you the merits of bifocal glasses.

Bifocal glasses Vs. Single vision glasses
With the passage of time, men at middle age are liable to subject to the combined harassment of myopia and presbyopia. The singly-functioned eyeglasses with either single distance vision prescription or near vision prescription can no longer satisfy your increasing focusing needs for all kinds of distance view. Owing to such a fatal defect, single vision glasses are destined to fail to carry out people’s wish to accommodate their eyes to various viewing distance with conspicuous clarity. Nevertheless, bifocal glasses, instead, are equipped with two distinct optical powers in one single lens, that is, the distant vision prescription on the upper portion of the lens and the near vision prescription on the lower part. With such two different prescriptions in one lens, those who suffer from myopia and presbyopia at the same time will be able to see things in the far distance clearly through the upper part, and read small printed materials or books with perfect ease and clarity.

Bifocal glasses Vs. Progressive eyeglasses
Progressive glasses, other named multifocal eyeglasses, are eyeglasses that have a gradient of optical powers embedded in the lenses which enables their wearers to see things clearly in different viewing distance. Versatile as progressive eyeglasses may be, they at times offer more than we wanted. If your eyesight is not as bad as what progressive glasses demand, odds are that you might have you vision health impaired by wearing such glasses. Moreover, the merit of smooth image transition brandished by progressive glasses has now been successfully applied to the lenses of bifocal glasses. With bifocal glasses on our faces, we are spared the ordeal of image jump. Besides, a pair of bifocal eyeglasses is on the whole much cheaper than progressive ones. That’s the fetching news to some tight-budgeted consumers.

It is no exaggeration to claim that bifocal glasses will conducive to your vision health to the utmost, if only you obtain the right one that will suit you most. You, on the receiving end, will absolutely grow fond of them once you have benefited from them.

Metal Frame Bifocal Eyewear: The Best Choice For Those With Multiple Vision Errors

September 2nd, 2011

As we know, most people who need corrective eyewear don’t just suffer from presbyopia. Many of them also have myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism. For them, a pair of single prescription glasses is far from enough. They need bifocal glasses so that they can accommodate easily from a distance vision to a close-up one. Having two distinct optical powers on each pair, bifocal glasses are specially used for corrections of presbyopia and other refractive errors. With this type of glasses, one can easily see things of distance by looking through the upper part of the lenses and read fine prints at a close-up range by moving down the vision field and looking through the lower part. Both bifocal glasses and shades come in a variety of frame types, including metal, plastic, horn and even wood. Out of all these materials, metal makes the best frame choice for bifocal eyewear, being it glasses or shades. With its incredible strength, impact resistance and unmatchable fashion value, metal framed bifocal eyewear certainly provide the best eyecare both optically and physically for those of us who suffer from more than one vision error.

Metal Frame Bifocal Eyewear

In the case of bifocal glasses, every lens contains two distinct optical powers, hence two different segments of lenses separated by a line. This feature make it inevitable for the lenses to be super large and for these large lenses to be kept in place, the frame material must be of incredible strength. Metal, as it happens, is the strongest material used in the optical industry, which makes it the best frame choice for bifocal glasses. Besides being able to hold the large bifocal lenses perfectly, metal frames can also be made extremely lightweight. With the rapid development of frame techniques and the use of certain types of metal such as stainless steel and titanium, bifocal glasses with metal frames can be made even lighter than those framed with plastic, making them the better choice between the two. Aside from being strong and lightweight, certain types of metal are also extremely flexible. With their incredible resilience, these material can be made into bendable even memory frames that can automatically return back into shape after they have been deformed. Strong, lightweight and flexible, metal framed bifocal glasses surely will be the most durable eyewear you ever make an investment in.

Metal Frame Bifocal Eyewear 1

Aside from being able to last a long time and therefore save the wearer a fortune, metal framed bifocal glasses also come in a huge fusion of styles. From the classic Ray Ban aviator to the much loved Wayfarer and Carrera, metal frames are ubiquitous, and since these metal framed glasses always give out that bold and masculine vibe the current fashion world is so desperately craving, it’s no surprise at all that they will keep on rocking the world for at least a couple of seasons to come.

metal bifocal 1meta bifocal 2

metal bifocal 3metal bifocal 4

A Panorama of Bifocal Eyeglasses

April 12th, 2010

Among all the great inventions in the history of human being, eyeglasses are included. According to some data, the first modern-alike eyeglasses did not come into being until the 13th century in Italy. Since then, eyeglasses started their course of enhancing vision. However, people gradually found that some eye problems could not be solved by ordinary glasses, for they might have more than one eye diseases simultaneously. But the practicable solution for such problem did not become possible till the emergence of bifocal eyeglasses.

Bifocal eyeglasses, as their names indicate, are eyeglasses that have two focuses. For each lenses, there are two parts, say, the top part and the lower part. The former part is for distance vision and the later one is for nearby vision. Therefore, one can look at the top part if he wants to look afar; and look at the lower part if reads. Generally, the former one is much wider than the later one. This is because much wider vision area is needed when one looks afar. Therefore, there is an invisible vision arch in the lenses. Due to their unique merits, bifocal eyeglasses can effectively solve eye problems like, presbyopia, astigmatism, myopia, etc. that may occur at the same.

However, the invention of bifocal eyeglasses is rather complicated and they do not appear till the late18th century. Here is some information about the history.

In fact, the history of bifocal eyeglasses is a legend. Although who have invented bifocal eyeglasses is still in controversy, most people deem Benjamin Franklin as the only legal inventor. According to bifocal glasses Wiki, Benjamin Franklin had some problems in reading when he was old. However, he was such a creative man that he decided to solve them by making some glasses. One day, he found his problems can be treated by overlapping two lenses, namely, one is for near vision, and another is for far vision. Then, he began to embed the two lenses in one frame. And the ultimate result was-with those newly created glasses he could see clearly of objects afar after reading for sometime. It might be possible that Franklin is not the first inventor of bifocals, but he should be the first to wear them.

The bifocal eyeglasses created by Franklin are not as nice as people can now use. They are roughly made, partly due to then backward technology. However, as some innovations are made in the industry, bifocals are also perfected all the more. Only two century are passed away, bifocals in nowadays are really very practical and nice in solving the aforesaid eye problems. For example, people will seldom complain of their eye problems with personalized bifocal eyeglasses. Or to some extent, those glasses can highlight their personal tastes and elegance.

Professionals in the industry find there are still many things to do with bifocal eyeglasses. In addition to assimilating some fashionable elements in their designs and products, they also spare no efforts in strengthening their functions of vision correction. For example, most of the bifocals are lined glasses, and they have prompted some no-lined bifocals recently. Those newly upgraded lenses have bettered people’s lives greatly.

It is no denying that with the development of technology, more achievements will be scored in bifocals. Here is a promising and bright future.

Presbyopic people benefit from new contact lens—-bifocal lens

December 3rd, 2009

In the family of corrective contacts, bifocal lens is totally different. This is because bifocal lens has some characteristics that others do not have. Since the day when bifocal eyeglasses were invented by Benjamin Franklin, they have helped a lot of people. And now they have become much perfect though the mechanism is still the same.

People who have been diagnosed as presbyopia are in need of bifocal lens. For the uniqueness of presbyopia, there are still many problems in solving them. The patients either can see the objects near and far simultaneously, or can they move their eyes freely. As for these symptoms, people have designed bifocal lenses to tackle with them.

By and large, people can find two kinds of these lenses at the market, namely, alternating bifocal lenses and simultaneous bifocal lenses. When people look upward or downward, alternating bifocal lenses can help a lot, because pupils can notice the two power distance between distance and near powers. As their names indicate, simultaneous bifocal lenses can make sure that the two powers can be looked at the same time.

Though bifocal lenses are mainly for people suffering presbyopia, not all of the presbyopia suffers can wear these contact lenses. Each bifocal lens should fit the conditions of individual patients. Some repulsive effects may happen to people who can not wear bifocal lens. Some criteria must be met if presbyopic patients need to be prescribed bifocal lenses. They should have very good tear system, healthy cornea, and normal blink rates. If they fail to meet these requirements, bifocal lenses are not suitable for them.

Additionally, some items need to be noticed when storing and cleaning bifocal lens. In order not to be infected, hands should be clearly washed before handling these lenses. Moreover, bifocal lens should be cleaned regularly using proper solutions.